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i took my motor off to replace the starter gears and i was wondering how snug the motor should be placed to the spur gear? should i get it close as possible or a fraction of a inch away? i know i should of payed more attention when i took it off but i'm new at all this could someone give me some advice? :x
usually i take a piece of paper run it between the 2 gears and push motor to spur gear then tighten down.

Then try to run anther piece of paper though the gears and it should come out with a nice pattern if it doesn't its to loose if it locks gears up to tight

thank you very much thats just what i needed to know
Setting gear mesh is very important to the longevity of both gears and the components driving and being driven by the gears.

Here's how to do the mesh check.
1. Loosen the screws that hold the motor mounts to the chassis plate (don't take them all the way out).

2. Make sure you have both spur gear and clutch gear on properly (since you've mounted the spur and the clutch is attached to the motor, you probably have little to worry about here).

3. Take the plastic bag that the spur gear came in (a ziploc bag will work just as well) and place one thickness of the plastic between the two gears.

4. Push the motor back into place so that the two gear compress on the plastic.

5. Tighten the motor mount screws (making sure that the motor mounts are as square to the chassis as want the gears to have as even a surface to surface contact as possible).

6. Pull the bag out. The gears should rotate freely and mesh together just right.

Hope this helps...
thank you very much skymaxx the advice is greatly appreciated. i ask the same question on the traxxas community line and never got a replie. thanks guys for all the help:banana:
Happy to help. Keep on Maxxin'...

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