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'Cuse is in the house!
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Syracuse, NY
RC Driving Style fast my GT is. To be honest, my GT has been sitting in a box for about 6 months. It was my intent to sell it. But I couldn't. So I pillaged my NiCds from my RS4 3 (temporarily) and got it back on line. Fresh nitro. Fresh batts. 2 pulls and the AE .15 was up. I started running it through the lawn. But that thing just won't go through grass. Unless I cut it like a fairway. So I took it to the side street. What a rush! Ya just clamp the throttle and that thing takes off like a rocket! I'm used to the Maxx having to spool up a bit. But the GT just goes! I'm hooked again. Tore up the dirt driveway of the brewery across the street (yes, I have a brewery across the street). Been a long time since I had fun with that baby! Just thought you all would like to know!
I have both a GT and A XXXNT, I love them.
I street race mine on an oval track. Fast,Fast,Fast.
A Beer Factory across the street! :banana: I’m on my way over. I hope you have a guest room.
I had my Nitro Sport out for some high speed runs recently. Sooo much fun!!
Yup, beer factory across the street. Don't think you've heard of the out in CA. But in New York they are kinda well known. Cooperstown Brewing Company. Since I'm not much of a beer drinker, I can't say it they're good or not. But it's kinda cool to have it so close.

And I'm thinking of getting some street treads for the GT. That would be mint! I'll still have to get used to the speed. Insane.
The Maxx is a good truck but over all, What a Slug.
Its like getting out of my 17 foot delivery truck and into the MB C320 Sport.

If you are going to get street tires go for the foam. $20.00 a set including wheels. They dont last as long as rubber but boy do they stick.
How could you let the GT sit around for 6 months?!?!?!!?! I have to run mine at least once a week for the fun of it. It is a fun little truck. Not quite as fun as my Storm but pound for pound, that little truck holds its own. Every once in awhile its fun to lean it a bit, tighten the slipper, and see how far I can keep it on 2 wheels before it flips all the way over on it's back.
Yes, a slap on the hand is needed. About 6 months ago, I finally decided I was going to buy a Maxx. And my plan was to sell my Nitro RS4 and my GT to get it. Well, I sold my RS4. And my birthday managed to come around as well as a few other small financial winfalls. So I just bought the Maxx for my birthday. Gotta be nice to myself once in a while. I was still going to sell the GT to get my new RS4 3. But I found a pretty good deal on that so I just bought it. So I still had my GT. But I was focusing on the other two. I know, it was neglected. I apologized all over to it. And it's happy now. I have trouble trudging through the grass with it, though. So I have to find better places to run it. But I may just try tightening the slipper next time just for fun. Just to see.....