Lovestrickens nitro conversion

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Kern county ,Calif.
Losi 8ight nitro has seen her last days.

I just decided this project today so I have only ordered parts at this time.

*Parts waiting to arrive*

Blx 2050kv
Robinsons 23t super harden pinion
Tlr 45t hardened spur gear
Fast eddys bearing set
Tlr front smart diff
Tlr center smart diff
Tlr rear smart diff
Tlr alloy shocks
Electric conversion kit

I am sure I am forgetting things to order but this will keep me busy for now.

It looks like it hasn't seen nothing ,it is very clean!....LOL


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Well she is done. Only real issue I had was the center diff mount I got wasn't high enough so I had to make spacers from shock shaft parts. Everything went together for the most part. Lol there were some clearance issues but all worked out. I didn't use tlr parts. Used 4s arrma diffs. Hoping they hold up at this point. The diff mesh was too tight so I heated up an old bearing and pressed it in a little deeper. Still kinda snug but I will live with it. If it eats the diff I will rework it a bit more.


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