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Firstly, I apologize for getting in my feels a bit to much the other day. So, let's try this another way. šŸ˜€

If you're interested in four used 2s lipos for free (you pay shipping) then please reply to this thread. See the rules below.

These lipos are the left overs from my battery testing. I can not vouch for the health of any of the batteries. Some batteries handled the tests much better than others. Most of the lipos are fine but just throwing the disclaimer out there.

Reply to this thread once and once only with "I'm in". Anything other than that or any additional posts in this thread will disqualify you.

Also you must have at least 200 posts and been a member of the forum for at least a year. This is intended to go to forum regulars.

Two weeks from now (16 June) I will use an online RNG to pick 8 winners from the posts.

If your post is one of the numbers randomly generated I'll will PM you for the shipping. I can take paypal or cashapp.

If you have any questions or concerns PM me, do not post them here.
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