LC Racing EMB-01 buggy upgrades

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Hi all,

New to the rc car game and this forum, I'm from Europe and 37yo. been doing FPV for years but picked up a new interest now.

Upgrading to a LC Racing EMB-1h kit after having a lot of fun with the 144001. A couple questions comes to mind which I cannot find a straight answer on this forum or the www. So I figured lets ask the experts.

As I ordered the EMB-1H kit I will need to get a few items separate. I'm just going to put my questions here and see how it goes.

  • Is a gyro tx and rx mandatory ? do you prefer to drive with or without gyro
  • what motor and ESC would you advise ? aiming for a moderate to fast torquey car. not a speed-run animal perse
  • what radio/receiver is recommended ? I would prefer 1 radio to control them all (cars)
Any other tips before starting with this kit? or tools needed etc.

All you wisdom is appreciated,



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1) Gyro is not mandatory and even if you wanted a gyro you can buy them separately to use with your existing TX/RX combo.
2) For an ESC/motor combo this little 1/14 scale mini buggy uses 380 sized motors so Id probably look at something like THIS.
3) TX/RX combo is going to be really dependent on your budget. Personally I would suggest something from Sanwa or Futaba for quality or the Flysky GT3b for a budget option. You can also use the Flysky Gt3c also. I prefer the b model because its more mod-able. Either way though both the transmitters are basically the same except the c comes with a tiny little lipo battery that can't be charged on a normal lipo charger. The b can be modded to use regular lipos. your call.
4) Speaking of batteries you'll want to pick up a couple of 2S lipo batteries like THESE that are no more than 95mm long and no more than 30mm wide. Height is flexible.
5) Speaking of Lipo batteries you're going to need a good LiPo charger like THIS. This charger lets you charge 2 LiPos at once.
6) For tools you're going to need a good soldering station like THIS. Thats actually a really good price on that soldering station too. Theyre normally $80. Active Powersports has em on sale right now.
7) For hand tools I buy all mine from Team-EDS. They are the highest quality tools (on par with Hudy) for half the price.

Hope that helps :)

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