Just priced Xmaxx 4s with all bells and whistles at LHS.

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Hertford, NC.
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I had $900 in a rustler 4x4 just to get it to hold up.
Will have the same in the arrma kraton 4s when I'm done.
I have right at $900 in my losi db pro (it was already pretty durable as it's the most durable out of the box out of all my 1/10th scale trucks). I installed parts to make it even more so and to make it more tunable so I can track it and bash it .

My cheapest is my losi tenacity truggy. That's because I got it on sale and I only upgraded what I had to, to maximize durability and functionality

So to have a 1/10th scale truck you dont have anything to fix/upgrade that doesn't sound to bad


RCNT Rookie
4s power hobby, light kit, the Bluetooth module and the Maxx 4s comes out to $773.40. I think it's a bit too much for just a 1/10 MT no? I already have an Outcast 6s, so I don't know if it even makes sense to get a maxx 4s. Thoughts? I like the looks of the Maxx 4s, but I'm still on the fence. That's at the LHS.
i agree i have the 4s outcast if the price on the maxx was lower i might get it

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