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how free should an old motor be?

I have rescued a “dump” nitro motor. I can turn the fly wheel and see the pistol moving..

it’s sticky but turns. Not the easiest in the world but it moves…

should I rebuild it any way?

or is it ok since Its my first RC. I’m rebuilding it to learn it and understand work they work?

get some carb cleaner and go to town?


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I would throw some 3-in-1 oil in the engine and let it sit for a while.

Then wash it out with nitro fuel, drain it and then put some after run oil in.

I watched a ton of videos on this as my first nitro was also "stuck" at TDC. Wasn't a seized issue, but I watched them videos.

One guy put some nitro fuel in it and then heated the engine with a heat gun until the nitro started to fizzle. That released his engine nicely.

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