Hobbywing Ezrun MAX8 2200KV 4074

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I recently bought a hobbywing max8 2200kv 4074 combo for my hobao hyper vse 1/8 buggy. The motor has been heating up a bit during the winter on low gearing and the esc is cold. I'm a bit worried on how much it will heat up during the summer. The buggy rolls very freely. I've heard that too low of gearing can cause heat issues, is 14t pinion too small? My plugs are all the way in, so that shouldn't be the problem. Can the freezing cause the motor to heat up? Or is it all normal?


Dekalb, IL
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Do you know how hot it's getting?

I've read that as well. What I've read is that it's due to the user running at WOT constantly. 6S with a 2200kv motor typically pushes them to their mechanical limits. On a buggy with low traction combined with cold which is even less traction, your motor is likely not getting worked very hard in regards to torque, but it is spinning really fast all the time.

I have the castle MMX/2200kv in my savage flux hp and I run it on 6S. I had to gear it way down to avoid overheating the esc as previously I ran it on 4S. The savage is much heavier and there's way more rotational mass, which helps keep the motor RPM's in check, so it does ok, but the motor does run warm and I have a fan on it now whereas I didn't when I ran 4S.

Similar setup on my brushless revo with the MXL-6S/2200kv motor on it. I ran 4S in that thing for 3 years without a fan on the motor, but as soon as I started running 6S (after buying a revo 2.0 roller and transferring all the parts), the motor does get hot (140-150 pretty frequently), so I put a fan on it too.

I've since cooked the mxl6s, replaced with a max6 and I replaced the motor with an arrma blx2050kv which has a lower peak RPM than the castle 2200 it replaced and so far, it's doing better.