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I think I need a better way to charge my batteries. Currently just using the usb charging cable they came with and watching them very closely while charging. All my cars are Hyper Go & Rlaarlo ready to run, 2 & 3s batteries only.

There are so many out there. Thinking about the SKYRC S65 AC Balance Charger/Discharger Max Power65W Charge Current 6A for 2-4S LiPo LiHV Battery for $59.99.


Any ordinary modern RC LiPo charger will work. Just need correct charge and balance leads for your batteries. Me as a racer, a charger for me is more like it has to charge more than 10A x 2 (dual charger) at the same time.
When looking at a charger, my options are needed, IR reader/meter (Standalone is preferred but if you can read them while charging that is ok too) Cell voltage checker, can balance charge, and a screen (LCD, or Color)
Which that SkyRC charger has all the things that I prefer to have, and will need minus the power, which for a average RC basher, you don't need to be charging at high rates.
For actually charging it, you will need a XT60 to whatever the connector is on the battery. And for the balance lead, you can run without one, or you can use extensions or a balance board. Most batteries and chargers today are JST XH. I use balance boards so I can put my batteries in my charging bags to be extra safe.
My 2s batteries have 3 pins and the 3s have 4 pins so I’ll need two different cables I guess. I did a quick search and couldn’t seem to find anything. I’ll keep looking.
Nope its all good. The balance port on the charger can do it. You don't need any external extensions or boards. If you do wanna go that route, you would need a balance board or extension that is JST XH, 2 to 4s. But you can just put the balance plug directly into the charger and it will be good.

2s has 3 pins. 1 for cell 1, 2 for cell 2, and the 3rd wire for signal, same for 3s, but that additional wire is for the extra cell.
Sounds good. I’ll get one ordered and start to learn more about the charging aspect of this insanely fun hobby!
the batteries have a built in balance plug along with a female deans.a standard 2 and 3 cell extension cable will do the job also a deans to charge battery from charger
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