Element Enduro Sendero HD of Doom!

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Finally got myself a TrailTruck/Rock Crawler. The Element Enduro Sendero HD. It arrived without the side mirrors, I contacted Element (Associated) and let them know. They were very professional in solving the problem and got the parts to me within a weeks time. There was one little part that is backordered but I can live with that.


This truck came with a ton of really fun bumper stickers and such. The kit does not come with a rear bumper, so I ordered the bumper set for the regular Sendero (has a traditional body instead of flatbed). I figured for $12.00 it couldn't hurt too much if it didn't work out.


So I tried out the bumper, and it stuck out a little to far, remember, it was designed for a full body pickup. This means it needed some modification to work. Green lines were old gusset that were to be removed.
Red lines are cut lines, Yellow is where new mounting holes were drilled.

Bumper screwed into position.


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Nice rig, congrats...
What would a new bumper be without a custom license plate. I designed it in photoshop and printed it on reflective vinyl that matches the real plates perfectly (hard to tell in the photo but it looks awesome in person)


I think the next project will be a spare tire mount in the flatbed.
Like it!! Needs some scratches and dirt time..
Will you be adding a driver?
As soon as I can figure it out, I would like to add an interior and driver. If I can't get it sorted out I will tint the windows. I'm pretty sure I can figure out something that will work. It drives me crazy to see cars without drivers.
I know there's already a ton of red on your rig, but I think those shackles needs to be red.......but, that's just me 😀
I have skeletons


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If @TRAT is anything like me, I've literally got them all over the house! 🤣💀💀💀
Lol yea they are all over the house I can’t keep my skeletons in the closet
Ohhhh poop!! I want the one with the gas mask!!! Super cool skeletons!!
The Batt is pretty cool also!!