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RC Newbie
I’m currently building a Tekno MT 410 kit. I plan on running a 4S battery with the motor/ESC setup I chose for it. I’m trying to decide which plugs/connectors to run. I’m deciding between the XT90 or the actual Deans brand plugs. I ran deans on my AE 18th scale Truggy with Lipo and brushless motor. Curious about ease of soldering with the XT90 also. The deans were pretty simple from what I remember. Thanks in advance.


RCNT Qualifier
Anderson, and Deans had their time in the limelight. Now it's Amass XT connectors for the win :thumbs-up::thumbs-up::banana:! The original EC5 connectors were my least favorite if you plan on reusing them :vomit::wtf:. I used those darn blue things for a total of two ~ three weeks and tossed the ones I had used. Sold the rest.
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