Changing frequency on store-bought RC car

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RC Newbie
See pics attached. So I picked up one of these last Christmas for my oldest daughter in pink. And this Christmas I got another in purple.

Unfortunately, they are both 27 MHz. So they cannot use them both at the same time.

In the controller, there appears to be a 27 MHz crystal of type HC-49S or HC-49US. I assumed there would be another in the car so I bought a few 49 MHz crystals of the same type.

Today I opened up the car and see it does not have this type of crystal. I actually don't see a crystal at all. See pics.

Any ideas where I can go from here?



Hardcore RCNT User
Kern county ,Calif.
You might can change them all to an entirely different radio set up!

These days ,radio gear is cheap ,however ,you will also need an ESC ,an perhaps a micro or standard
size servo!
On the bright side ,She will still look pretty in pink!....:hehe:

Roanoke RC group

RCNT Rookie
You could just find an old broken one of a different frequency or a cheaper one. I used to modify toy grade RC's just because they were cheap. You should be able to adjust the coil on the car to change the frequency. Not sure how much though. I guess you would have to turn it bit by bit until you get response.

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