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I am having a problem with my gears binding in my t. I removed the transmission and everything is smooth all around. I put the tranny back on and everything binds. Any suggestions.

And I checked the tranny, actually both of my trannys bind.
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Does it only bind when you roll the truck backwards? If you have a FOC, turning the wheels backwards will cause the gears in the transmission in the transmission to spin backwards and feel like it's binding up.
Both directions. It's semi smooth then hits a really rough spot.

Originally posted by El Pirata
And I checked the tranny, actually both of my trannys bind.
Let me rephrase, the trannys themselves do not bnd without being hooked up but installed in position they bind.
If I'm understanding, they only bind when hooked up? Could it be your diffs binding? Just guessing. But if they don't bind when out of the truck, I would think it might be something else in the drivetrain. Perhaps a blown bearing somewhere? Again, just guessing..
The problem was solved by adding a shim under the tranny to rais it slightly higher. Appearantly the rear drive shaft was slightly too long and would make the tranny bind when it tried to turn. since adding the shims there have been no problems with it rolling.

There still is a slight rough spot in one full revo.lution but I will run her to see if a few break in runs smooths this out.
What drive shaft are you using??? Stock or other.
Did you sent them an email to let them know of the trouble your having???
Nope, I rigged the problem to be fixed. My T-Maxx is Alive again and just made a test run. I'll probably take it out this afternoon and put it through the trials of bashing.
EP are you using longer screws to hold the tranny in?We had a prob with a screw that was a tad longer then the stock one and went through the tranny case an rubbed a gear.Of course when we took the tranny back off the problem went away.Putting a shim under the box would solve this as the screw would not go in as far.Just a thought.
Probably but the shims already worked the problem out. I took her for a test run this afternoon and she screamed!!! She's alive!
Did you think about using a dremel on the slot of the output cups? It would allow the dogbone to rest a little bit more comfortably. Just a thought.
Never did that but had thought about it. Actually it was not the slots that were rubbing it was the dogbones would not go in far enough yo the round part needed to be ground but I was afraid to do this. I figure I'll run it until it breaks then think about fixing it correctly.
Glad to hear that the Maxx onto more bash sessions...yeehaw!
Your or there...makes no long as we bash...

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