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Ok. Here is how it all is going down the toilet.

TMaxx - No matter what I do I cannot get the new RRP double disc slipper kit to NOT bind. Either it hits the battery box or the clutch bell face. Taking it to the LHS.

Adam Drake - ANOTHER receiver thats a "no go". Not only that, when I went to tighten the diff I stripped the nut on the other side. Nothing is going well here either.

Zagi 400x Plane - Was building a pair of new elevons, grabbed them the wrong way and SNAP! No more elevons. These things take about 2 hours to make from scratch. Mine were done. Now they are REALLY done.

The only thing I have up and running right now is my Mini Z. Yay!

This just flatout SUCKS! I had the whole day to bash too!


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Man, you need another hobby. Nope, don't give up RC. But you gotta admit, that was some bad karma. It's times like that that I just set everything down and do something totally different. I feel for ya man. I really do. But remember, tomorrow is another day. And the sun will still rise. And those damn cars will behave.


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That sounds like a good day for firing up the 'ol PC and blowing peoples heads off in your favorite FPS.


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Great Day For Quake Is Right!!!!!

Well here is the lowdown - Ill have new elevons today for the Zagi and be back in the air.

Drake RX - Well, lets just say, operator error :rolleyes: I did however strip another Diff Nut!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TMaxx - FINALLY! I got the spur to fit, had to change the collet to an RC10GT collet. The MIP flywheel was a hair too thick. I also slightly overtightened the outter gear ring so the screw heads would recess a bit. All good now. And let me just say, this thing has more punch than Tyson on a good day! IT HAULS!

Thanks for the moral support! Was a day to throw them all!



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Last Sunday my rear diff went and i just took it apart today. All stripped. Doesn't look like i'll be racing this Sunday:(


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I had a bad day to today i blew me fuel line off in a crash and that just messed everything up !!!
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We all have bad days, Thats what makes the good days even better.:)
To help keep your fuel line on Cut a small section of fuel line like a small rubber band and slip it over your fuel line where it connects to different parts. It works wonders and its free..

Try it and let me know what you think.
Look at: R/C Other Fuel line Mod
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