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  1. zloe

    Wltoys 144001 only works for a few seconds after turning on

    Hey guys, hoping you can help me out here. I bought it fairly recently. I brought out my car in the snow (not a lot of it) and it didn't want to drive! Only spun for a bit and then just stopped. Tested it as well at home and still didn't work. I thought that maybe after the snow maybe it got a...
  2. Glitch

    WLtoys 124017 v2 Build Thread

    It's almost here! WLtoys 124017 v2 from banggood: https://banggood.com/Wltoys-124017-Brushless-V2-New-Upgraded-4300KV-Motor-0_7M-19T-RTR-1-or-12-2_4G-4WD-70km-or-h-RC-Car-Vehicles-Metal-Chassis-Models-Toys-p-1871731.html I already have some parts coming in the mail :) HUGE foam bumper...
  3. Glitch

    Is the WLtoys a959b worth it?

    In my opinion, yes. Here are my thoughts after a few weeks of ownership. • Fast! Clocked it at 37mph but probably could get a couple more out of it • Flimsy! A front shock broke, and after replacing them with stiffer shocks (came from amazon, not sure what kind of vehicle they made the...
  4. D

    Strange steering issue

    Hi everyone! So my brother got a Wltoys 124018 last August and it has worked just fine up until i couple months ago when the steering suddenly turned weird, so we took of the plastics/cover and the steering servo was really weak and making this ticking sound when you turned it and it would kinda...
  5. L

    Wltoys k989 doesn't spin wheels

    Hello, I'm a regular enjoyer of the rc hobby. But I've come to an issue lately where I had to get a new active tooth. So I installed that in the gearbox, but it still hasn't got any drive. I think I'm being pretty silly here but I'm new so pls don't blame me Video link:
  6. gunters09

    Wl toys 14001 need help

    Hello everyone I need help. I just upgraded my wltoys 14001 rc car to a brushless motor kit and it’s not responding correctly. Ok I replaced motor, esc, servo, and receiver. Thought everything was going to work out smooth until testing when I noticed the steering is actually working as the...
  7. F

    Please can I have some advice on a cracked diff case?

    I drove my wltoys 144001 off a skate ramp at my local skate park and the shock tower hit the railing at the back of the ramp and cracked the diff casing. Is there a specific glue I could use or do I have to replace the whole diff case?(it is the front differential). Thanks in advance!
  8. IMG_20210620_225452.jpg


    New custom mini garage for Wltoys a989 rally car
  9. R

    Wltoys 12427 - brand new steering issue

    Hi all, I just received brand new Wltoys 12427 car. While trying to turn it on it reacts weird. Wheels turns right and cannot do anything with them. Remote control does not work while trying to turn wheels. When I move it up side down wheels changes position but when I stand I again on wheels...
  10. LongIslandRC

    Meet my rigs (some of them)

    Introducing some of my fleet. I try to take good care of my stuff because I was a destructive kid. It didn't work out well. Now I can race and bash and repair like a pro, to keep my rides tight. And make the next owner wanna pay $$ for your rig.??✌?
  11. Q

    All the upgrades for your WL Toys 144001

    Hi guys New in this forum but not to RC. Just thought I'd share that I've written a whole lot of articles on upgrading the 144001. Most of these are free or very cheap upgrades and where I have used new parts I have tried to be as budget conscious as possible and avoid unnecessary bling (not...
  12. J

    WLTOYS 12428 - steering problems

    Hi all, I bought my son a WLTOYS 12428 For his birthday. After a couple days it started having a few problems with the steering. The servo kept clunking and jolting all the time, even when not trying to steer. It’s also slow and unresponsive, sometimes not turning at all... I replace the servo...
  13. Meshman

    Can I use a 3S LiPo on a WLToys A959-B RC?

    I just received my WLToys A959-B 1:18 Scale RC. I'll be test driving it this evening after work. If anyone else has this model please let me know if you've done any upgrades? I've ordered 1:10 scale tires plus the replacement hex's but I'm still awaiting them in the mail. I watched a A959-B RC...