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  1. D

    HSP 94122 suspention

    Hello again 94122 people, I'm thinking about upgrading my HSP 94122 suspension to better suit off road driving (just dirt road driving not anything crazy). And i'm wondering what parts I would need, speciffically to get it off the ground more as it sits verrrry low from factory. I have already...
  2. B

    Out of my element - not sure where to find right parts

    Afternoon, a friend gifted me, an old RC car 1/10 scale buggy 2nd. Needs a new motor, rear tires, front tires. Figured I’d get new wheels as well, but I’m having a hard time finding replacements. It appears the buggy’s front axles that hold the wheel in place aren’t a common format. It’s not...
  3. tudordewolf

    Too lazy to scrub tires and wheels before gluing? Toss 'em in the dishwasher!

    I used a couple cooling trays to keep everything together. Brand new tires and wheels, no dirt going into the dishwasher, and they glued perfectly afterward, after a quick drain & drain.
  4. Jlrj87

    Tamiya Mercedes C11 Group C wheels

    Hello everyone I have a Tamiya Mercedes C11 Group C car. It’s now so old the tyres have all split, and also due to it being so old I cannot find replacement tyres/wheels. Does anyone have any tips for where I could get replacements or if any other wheels are compatible?? Any help is much...
  5. B

    Arrma Granite wheel fell off, what parts do I need to fix it?

    I have a Granite 3s BLX (ARA102720T2). When I was taking a turn my wheel fell off and I'm not sure what parts I need. If you can help I'd appreciate it.
  6. Kimmie28

    Will 1.55 tires fit Grasshopper wheels?

    I'm wondering if 1.55 tires will fit on a tamiya grasshoppers wheels. I have a project in mind but wanted to know if those would fit stock rims. Thanks
  7. slickandskiddin

    Wheel mount swap Bandit to Rustler

    G'day! Has anyone swapped the Hex-type wheel mounts from a Rustler onto a Bandit and was it relatively easy? Thanks!
  8. Siclic

    Wheels n tyres for Maverick Strada brushless

    Hi I’m reasonably new to electric rc, I have a Maverick Strada and was wondering how do I know what kind of wheels to get, do I need to buy the same brand or if I buy random wheels how do I know if they will fit? Cheers
  9. S

    Kraton 6s- GPM Hub extension

  10. Sledman3064

    Associated RC18T2 upgrade parts

    My son has a Team Associated rc18t2. Is there any company's that make aftermarket wheels for them?
  11. EB4S2PRO

    Thunder Tiger EB4 S2 Pro wheels

    Hi all Would anyone be able to give me more details about the tire size and hub hole size where the wheel screws onto as I'd like to buy new tires, but with thunder tiger having such bad support and parts availability I'm battling to find new thunder tiger tires. Also would perhaps like to put...
  12. Nitrobuzzard

    Sold / Found 2.2 wheels/tires

    Got these in a lot buy out and have no use for them. They look to have never been used, only mounted. RC4WD wagon beadlock with the BFG Krawler T/A tires. $85 plus shipping
  13. Joffie1

    17mm hex wheels

    Hi all just a quick onew I bought today some 17mm hex wheels will let I need adapters to fit the traxxas tmaxx and the savage 25 if so where would I get them and what do they look like so I know what I'm looking for cheers
  14. fragged3d

    My sexy e revo with src wheels

  15. A

    tires and wheels mgt 4.6

    I'm having trouble finding replacement wheel hexs to replace my size 14mm for some 17mm so i can change my tires to some pralines could someone send me links to some or point me in the right direction . These wold be for a mgt 4.6
  16. N

    Problems With My Redcat Shockwave

    I have a Redcat Nitro Shockwave. Sometimes after driving it at its top speed the back wheel locks up CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE and another problem is that after driving it at top speed it will just randomly shut off.
  17. R

    Back wheels spin when I pull the pull start

    Hi,u was just putting my car back together & i have a weird problem,when i pull on the pull start the back wheels turn? whats happening here ? I'm sure that's not suppose to happen? it happened before but can't remember what I've don't wrong,help please!
  18. J

    help plz. front wheels locked

    When i push my savage x after a foot my front wheels lock.
  19. Bill

    Help with wheels & tires

    I picked up these wheels at my LHS for cheap and thought that I would put some nice street T-maxx tires on them. They are a 3.8" with a 17mm hole. I don't know what the bead style is and I need some advice on what tires I should go with. Just looking for street tires for these wheels. Already...
  20. SMaxxin

    Sold / Found Twin Hammers 1.9 Race Claws on beadlocks

    Set of 5 1.9 Vaterra race claws on beadlocks from a Twin Hammers in very good condition, hubs are good and no stripped screws. $old