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  1. M

    Savage Flux XL mods

    Finally manage to finish my savage, a tone of upgrades and modifications were made to make this thing reliable and as light as possible (5.838 kg) . -Alza Racing center differential kit -Arrma center diff with 50t spur gear -Absima Servo "ACS1622SG" Combat Series 20kg -ADJUSTABLE UPPER ARM...
  2. savage2.PNG


    Air Savage
  3. savage1.PNG


    Savage Flux XS 2 wheels
  4. kk2.PNG


    Savage Flux XS flip
  5. Scalded-dog

    Savage xs flux rattling apart

    Got a new xs and have had issues with it since. 1/4 battery pack and the tie rod pops off. Found it put it back on. Another 1/4 pack and wheel nut flies off never to be found. Got a new nut and locktited the wheels. Ran about 1/2 a pack and pinion grub screw backed out and pinion slid back...
  6. F

    Savage Flux HP no power

    Hey guys. I am new to this site and was wondering if I could get some help with my Flux HP. I went to run it the other day and I have no power. Nothing. I was using 2 Traxxas 5800 MAH Lipo's. I flicked the switch and nothing. It was in my storage room which isn't heated. Would the cold have...
  7. bifft it


    at what point do we decide how much servo is too much for steering? right now in 2 of my trucks(X and flux) i run Savox SC0251MG 222oz@6v and in the other 2 (XL and shelfqueen) i run savox SC 1267SG 180@6v or [email protected]. as throttle servos I run HPI SF-50 in all but the shelfqueen I want to make...
  8. bifft it

    suggestions for re-powering a Flux

    Bought my Flux off another Rc site a few years ago. it had quite a few upgrades to include a Tekin Rx8/T8 motor/ESC have not ran it in a couple years and tried to do so a few weeks ago and it let out a sound like grinding gears. took it out to test and it seems the motor is probably fried. when...
  9. wacmartin

    Savage Flux rod ends

    Hey everybody, I was just wondering if anybody knew if there is any aftermarket rod ends available for the Savage Flux? I've looked at the RPM Traxxas rod ends and the ball end is perfect, but the overall length is just a tad to long. Stock is .655" and the stock Traxxas is about .710", I have...
  10. ausher

    Savage flux hp bigger tires and gearing

    So I plan on putting some trenches x's on my flux. Stock pinion is a 20t. I ordered a 17t pinion. Think that be ok? I don't want it to burn up another esc.
  11. F

    vorza flux try limits

    This video link has been removed permanently.
  12. hulkmaxx

    HPI FLUX VS Traxxas VXL?

    Okay guys going to be doing a Hpi Blitz build to do some light track time. Considering the VXL or the stock FLux Blitz setup. Which one would you guys recommend? Or is there something eles that would perform better onky running 2s that's all the track will allow.
  13. N

    Trophy flux truggy pinion problems

    Hey guys. I love this thing and I am new. Break lots of things. But mostly because I did something dumb. My main problem is I can't seem to get my pinion to stay in its spot. It keeps spitting itself up the shaft. I have replaced it and it still does it. Anyone know a good trick?
  14. HPI Savage Flux HP - Flip Clip!

    HPI Savage Flux HP - Flip Clip!

    HPI Savage Flux with tons of power. Standing still back flips!
  15. Ericke1

    HPI Flux Brushless vs Emaxx Brushless

    Hi, I'm sorry if this was posted I searched the forums and can't find them. I want to buy a brushless MT looking at the HPI Savage Flux vs the EMaxx Brushless. I want a truck that will be more durable and with fewer repairs. I'm going to basically run it on my home street and large backyard...
  16. K

    kyosho v one s compared to hpi sprint flux

    Hey guys how does the kyosho v one s compare to the electric hpi sprint flux 2 i think. He is going to buy a seccond hand kyosho tomorrow and wants me to come along what should i look for said the pull starter is a little loose i know a bit with nitros except for belt driven types lol any...
  17. O

    Sold / Found FS: Project Savage Brushless/Flux Roller (Lots of Mods), Traxxas E-Maxx ARTR & Others

    Sup guys, Looking to sell a few RCs that have been sitting in my garage. First one is my project brushless Savage roller. Started life out as a Savage 25, then an FLM Savage, and is now ready for a brushless motor. Here's a list of mods I remember: TCS TVPs LST2 Shocks w/ Innovative-RC Mounts...
  18. DreamMachine

    112mph twin flux

    Broke my record today and I also had the camera on the truck too. set to HD and enjoy
  19. DreamMachine

    Savage Flux XL

    Had some fun this weekend
  20. 9

    Flux XL Build / FLM / Alza / 1717

    Finally finished my Flux XL. I used mostly Alza, FLM, and other aftermarket parts. It's barely even a HPI product at this point! Parts List: Castle 1717 Motor (XO-1) Castle Mamba XL2 ESC Lunsford Titanium Tie Rods 4x85mm HPI A720 Big Bore Shocks Hitec 7955TG Servo Golden Horizons...