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  1. I

    Heavy truck electronics, whats working for you?

    I'm building a 9lb capra and I'm not sure what electronics i can use in this thing. I was trying a riot xl 1100kv with castle copper head 10 on 4s but I'm still getting alot of cogging at low angle climbs. Are there transmission mods i could do? I feel like thats a part of it, it seems very high...
  2. Chilli Adventures

    All stock. Running great. Anyone else having a hard time getting out there lately?

    Seems it’s getting harder and harder to get out there and run the RC‘s. With Work and Karate and family and life, sometimes the hobby gets put on hold. So when I finally get to get out there, it seems like the greatest time in the world. Anyone else feel the same way? I am going to attach my...
  3. Powerwagon79

    Losi Nightcrawler being absolutely gutless

    Alright, so my friend Losi Night Crawler 2.0, which I have on loan, was given to him used, with no charger. He said I could use it some and see how the charger I bought for him worked. So, after the charger, a Supulse 7.4-11.v Lipo charger, came, I did what he said to do. I was very impressed by...
  4. JPG

    Jeep Cherokee Axial SCX 10 II on trail

    Another adventure with Axial SCX 10 II Don't forget to leave a like 👍 on yt and subscribe to my channel. All comments are welcome, bad and good. All are important to me, and gives me idea what can I do better for you.
  5. JPG

    Axial SCX 10.2 Jeep Cherokee in action

  6. Z

    Wanting to be able to put plow on crawler truck

    Wondering if anyone knows what 1/10th scale crawlers I can put snow plows on
  7. M

    Front Outdrives HD Twin Hammers

    I have been looking for Front HD Outdrives for my Vaterra Twin Hammers RC Rock Crawler. And cannot find any available parts. Are there any recommendations where I can find one? Thanks New to forums Thanks for your patience
  8. Brandon1

    Kyosho mini z 4x4 - 4Runner

    Installed led light kit, new wheels - 3D printed - off eBay, tires to fit, front end weights and shocks - hot racing.
  9. GrampsDon

    New kid looking for crawler advice

    I’m retired and looking to buy a crawler to use with my grandson who already has a 1:10 his dad helped him build. He’s moving near me and he wants me to crawl with him. I'm on a fixed income so I’m going to have to get into this gradually. I okay with assembly required, I’ve got a little...
  10. JPG

    Redcat Everest Gen7 Pro in the frozen sandbox

    Hi all, Check out my last funny trail with my son ??
  11. JPG

    Moist autumn is now what we love

    I invite you to watch movie from our autumn RC Trial through the forest. The one-day snow had almost completely melted, leaving a wonderfully wet surface. It was impossible to remain indifferent to such wonderful conditions and Karol and I decided to go for a short RC adventure. The effects...
  12. JPG

    Another one in mud

    Hi, I'm sharing with you second part of my trailing on old rallycross course. Hope you will like it. If you do please leave a thumb and/or comment on YT.
  13. JPG

    It was fantastic day with my Redcat Everest Gen7 Pro

    Hi everyone, I want to introduce you vid from my last RC trip. This time it's a ride on muddy rallycross track. Hope you will enjoy it
  14. RatBuddie

    Looking to upgrade Losi Night crawler SE driveshafts

    RatBuddie here, Thanks for having me. Have a losi Night crawler SE, need to upgrade drivelines front and rear and, front and rear Axel's, to get a way from the worm gear drive that is plastic. Would appreciate any input anyone has. Thanks
  15. T

    Trail Finder 2 Servos

    Hello, I really need your guys' help here. I have no idea what servo I should get for my trail finder since the stock ones are out of stock. Also, what is better for crawling speed or torque.
  16. WoodiE

    Vanquish VS4-10 Origin Limited Kit

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  17. MailManX

    2.2 Foams for Crawler Tires?

    I have been enjoying buying, modding and running RC trucks and cars for 5 years. However, I've always been into the run-fast-bash-and-crash scene. Foams don't matter for that, so I never bothered to learn about them. I just purchased an RC4WD Bully II MOA kit to experiment with. There is a lot...
  18. WoodiE

    TEASER: Vanquish VS4-10 coming soon!

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