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  1. BarnFabRC

    BarnFabRC Slash Build Thread

    Just want to show off the Slash I’ve been piecing together over the last few months. I’m primarily building it for parking lot racing/general street use but I’m also gonna do some speed running with it as soon as find a suitable place to let it rip. I live in Philly so there’s not a lot of open...
  2. D3MON

    Pro-Line Powerstroke 6025-00 (Pre-Slash)

    I know i can't be the only one with these anymore and trying to search online has been excruciating to search for as they have the same "name" as the newer ones released for the slash, (i guess they aren't really that "new"). so with some research and intense squinting at over-zoomed pixelated...
  3. WoodiE

    Pro-Line Ambush MT 4×4 monster truck roller

    Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  4. WoodiE

    Proline 105mm Ultra Reservoir Crawler Shocks

    Proline 105mm Ultra Reservoir Crawler Shocks Continue reading the full article
  5. WoodiE

    Proline Scale K-Rail made from concrete

    Now this is cool, really cool! Pro-Line Racing has released their True Scale concrete 1/10th K-Rail. The Proline K-Rail is something that could easily be used for ANY scale R/C event for obstacles to climb, to race borders, easily used for on-road or off-road use plus they just look cool as...
  6. WoodiE

    Save 15% on Pro-Line Racing products

    Proline Racing is offering a 15% discount code for all their products ordered from October 28th to the 31st. Simply use coupon code: SPOOKY15 during checkout.
  7. WoodiE

    Pro-Line Buy 1 Give 1 for World Food Program USA

    As if Pro-Line Racing hasn't given everyone enough reasons to buy their products with some of the best R/C bodies, tires, wheels, accessories available in the RC hobby in addition to being Made in the USA. Pro-Line has added yet another reason to support them with their announcement of the Buy 1...
  8. Rear Pro-Spline HD Axles from Proline

    Rear Pro-Spline HD Axles from Proline

    This is a Rear Pro-Spline HD Axle pack. Pro-Line is proud to introduce the pre-assembled Pro-Spline HD Axles for the rear of the Slash 4x4, Stampede 4x4, Slash 2wd, Stampede 2wd, Electric Rustler and Rally! The Pro-Spline HD Technology debuted on the Pro-Line PRO-MT Kit and is designed to handle
  9. Greywolf74

    Proline Hauler Bag

    Pretty cool looking bag!
  10. WoodiE

    Proline Destroyer tires for Clod Buster

    Here's something you don't see very often, an item being released for very popular monster truck of yesterday - the Tamiya Clod Buster. That's exactly what Proline Racing has just done with their newest tire the Proline Destroyer. The new Clod Buster Destroyer tire from Proline features a...
  11. pjoseph

    Proline 3.8" badlands foam question?

    The foam that came with the badlands seems very big to me, do these need to be cut? I was able to get the tire over them (tire on the far right) but before i glue them up i wanted to make sure. Also should the foam get glued to the rim? thanks
  12. SMaxxin

    Sold / Found Proline 1.9 Swampers and Junfac 1.9 beadlocks

    4 Proline Swampers in good condition Sold Junfac 1.9 beadlocks $old
  13. pjoseph

    foam inserts for proline 2.8 road rage tires?

    I ended up damaging one of the inserts during assembly does anyone know where i can prurchase a replacement foam insert link to tires below thanks
  14. pjoseph

    Proline 2.8" wheels with 1/2 offset?

    I see they have 1/2 offset wheels for 3.8 but not able to find any 2.8 ones unless its not listed on their site Does anyone know?
  15. WoodiE

    Proline PRO-2 Short Course Buggy Kit

    Proline Racing has finally married their Proline Pro-2 truck (#4001-00) and buggy conversion kit (#6254-00) to bring you the Proline PRO-2 short course buggy "kit" and by kit I mean a lot of the chassis components, transmission and shocks are already pre-built making it great for both entry...
  16. tmaxxfreek

    Sold / Found Proline 40 series Crime Fighters/ OFNA 40 series foams

    NIP Proline 40 series Crimefighters 40.00. plus shipping NIP 40 series OFNA foams 10.00 plus shipping
  17. J

    Proline Big Joe II 3.8" best for bashing?

    Hey guys i have a revo 3.3 with a os21tm. Looking for new tyres from I usually buy Badlands but they are not listed anymore but I see Big Joe II? Are these going to be the best for bashing around on tracks, grass, parks and bush?
  18. WoodiE

    1966 Ford F-100 body for Traxxas Stampede from Proline Racing

    If you've got a Traxxas Stampede and love classic trucks then Proline Racing has a new body for you, the 1966 Ford F-100 truck body! The 1966 Ford F-100 body comes with classic details like step-sides and huge fender flares. Just like the Ford of 1966, Proline Racing makes this body right here...
  19. M

    proline tire question

    I just got proline road rage tires (40series) for my revo. I am having problems getting the tire bead to go all the way down behind the rim? Any help? are these tires the wrong ones for these rims? (rims traxxas #5172A) In the picture, the pen is pointing to my problem, I can't get it to seat...
  20. SMaxxin

    Sold / Found Proline 2.2 Dirt Hawg tires on Titus Beadlocks

    The tires are no longer for sale, wheels only.....$20.00