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  1. I

    Losi Ten-T tuning help

    Hi guys, Still new to the hobby learning lots from here. Have a dilema. Started the TenT, after it sitting for couple of month. Trying to tune it. The mix seems a little rich even when LS needle is fully closed. Can someone clarify what could cause this. Thanks,
  2. L

    Team Losi ten-t

    Hello I am writing this post hoping someone know whats wronge with my rc car. I bought this ten-t thrue a website the car is 3-4 years but was in good shape when i bought it. So as i like that thinbgs look really good i took the car apart and shined up and cleaned everything. When i bought the...
  3. Greywolf74

    Sold / Found Losi Ten-T Body (orange) ***NEW***

    Losi Ten-T Body (orange) ***NEW*** $20 Shipped lower 48. FIRM
  4. Greywolf74

    Sold / Found FS: Losi Ten-T ARTR

    ***PRICE DROP!!!***This is a Losi Ten T roller. It has only 1 tank through it and you can't even tell if it wasn't for the light coating of dust on the tires. I bought it and ran it one tank. Took the ROSS and engine out of it and ordered an OS .21 TM for it with a roto starter. Now I have a...
  5. A

    Big Block Losi Ten-T

    Hell everyone~ I would like to put a big block OS .21RZ in my losi ten t. Has enyone ever done a big block conversion on a Losi Ten T? Can you suggest a motor mount, clutch bell, and how could I get the exhaust to fit? Any info is appreciated!!
  6. MotoGod

    Sold / Found For Sale: D8T, Nitro Engines, Charger, Losi Ten-T Parts....etc etc etc

    Time to clean some stuff out of the hobby room! Up next we have a brand new (never seen fuel) Pro Twister Modded Alpha S852 engine. I got it modded, then stopped running Truggy so never even fired it up. This will SCREAM in a Truggy or Monster Truck. $245 shipped to your door Next up is...
  7. 1

    Picked up a Losi Ten-T and I love it!

    I must say this is a fun truck to drive! It handles like it's on rails and it's a quick little bugger. The ROSS is totally awesome and so easy to use. I put front and rear aluminum chassis braces, aluminum c-hubs, stiff springs, rear skid plate, large fuel tank, and aluminum shock standoffs...
  8. D

    Losi ten-t wheels on a sct

    This is a rough pic of what it looks like keep in mind I'm waiting on all my new parts like motor, esc, 14mm hex and new body to paint so I'm only half way their
  9. MotoGod

    Sold / Found Team Losi Ten-T Sale/Trade

    Ten-T Roller is SOLD! I still have the engine, radio, wheels, and bodies up for anyone interested though. Here we have a Losi Ten-T Truggy for sale/trade. I traded an XRay 808 09 Spec Buggy for this guy, and played with it a few times. Great little rig...but it will be a shelf queen if I...
  10. WoodiE

    Losi TEN-T 1/10th 4WD Nitro Truggy

    Losi's new TEN-T Truggy packs the innovation and performance of Losi’s groundbreaking 1/8-scale nitro platform into a 1/10-scale truggy. The Losi TEN-T Truggy is built to take on any terrain or track, this fierce machine includes a ton of features in a compact, agile design, including a chassis...