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  1. M

    Hpi identification

    Please help identify which model this nitro car is. Cheers
  2. New Toy✅ Maverick Quantum Flux XT - ? RC Truggy

    New Toy✅ Maverick Quantum Flux XT - ? RC Truggy

    A late Christmas present to myself, love this as was pretty cheap at £150.00. Just need to supply your own batteries. Well built 1/10th RC 4WD Truggy and can run on 3S too.
  3. LongIslandRC

    Meet my rigs (some of them)

    Introducing some of my fleet. I try to take good care of my stuff because I was a destructive kid. It didn't work out well. Now I can race and bash and repair like a pro, to keep my rides tight. And make the next owner wanna pay $$ for your rig.??✌?
  4. C

    Help ID Motor Plz

    I have a HPI .21 3.5 cc Motor that is missing the carburetor. Can anyone help me identify this motor to see if I can buy a carburetor for it.
  5. B

    Nitro HPI MT2 with g3.0 motor

    So I have a Nitro Hpi mt2 with the newer g3.0 motor. I got it thru a trade and at first it was running great. Then I somehow stripped the rear dif gears. I ordered parts for it. Right now i just switched the rear and the front diffs so i have a rwd instead of awd. Now when I start it, I can get...
  6. H

    HPI firestorm 10T CVD's??

    I am curious if any of you 10T owners have found a set of cvd's that will work on the 10T
  7. badboy2

    HPI Savage TVP need more info..

    i got this savage from a trade.. had it for months now.but this is the first time i went thru it and man i think i just opened a can of worms!! first i noticed that TVP is damaged..i was told it just needs screws,,then as i was going thru it i noticed that the brakes have body clip and a zip...
  8. B

    Hobbico no more

    I was just told that Hobbico is no longer the US distributor for HPI. As of this past Friday (I assume 11/17/2017) HRP out of Utah is now the exclusive HPI distributor for the US. According to HRP, the change it still underway but all warranty repairs will be performed directly by HPI and I was...
  9. Gomesito

    HPI receiver issue

    I bought a used HPI brushed drift car. It has a stock RF-1 receiver. I just drove my car last weekend with no issues but yesterday when I turned my car on, I noticed that I did not hear the typical chim that the receiver made. What I did hear was the directional servo made a noise as it...
  10. H

    HPI Firestorm 10T Nitro

    Hi All I've recently acquired a HPI firestorm, I'm trying to get it running for my son. I'll have an intermittent fault onwhat I'm guessing to be the reciever? New batteries all round, switches okay, no damage to aerial, new crystals, both servos okay as tested in both channels.. the steering...
  11. S

    HPI mini RS4 upgrades/compatible parts. Help me please!

    I recently got my hands on an old HPI mini RS4 and i'm looking to upgrade it. I've looked for it on the HPI website and they seem to have taken down all pages regarding it so no help there, but i want to upgrade it or at least find compatible parts for it. I'm looking for hop-ups or replacements...
  12. batmanninja

    Super cheap nitro to electric conversion

    25 bux and i converted my losi xxxnt nitro to brushed...also i am converting HPI nitro mt to brushless.
  13. WoodiE

    HPI coming back this summer!

    HPI just published this video and obviously they are looking forward to being back on top. Great to be hearing from them. Now I'm really looking forward to seeing what they have up their sleeves.
  14. Gomesito

    HPI RS4 tuned pipe

    Newbie question. I just started getting back into RC cars and trucks again and would appreciate some advice. My wife bought me the original HPI RS4 RTR many years ago. Now that I retuned it and got it started again, I wanted to know if there are any reasonably priced tuned pipes that would be...
  15. Tore-nil

    White smoke form coolinghead and engine revs up and down.

    Hey. I just bought a HPI D8S buggy used. It has not been driven much and it looks like itw been used for 5-8 tanks. But when i start it, it just starts off with reving high and the wheels are spinning ( i have put it on a bix so it can run freely) when i trim the throttle on my controller the...
  16. S

    HPI Trophy Tuggy 4.6 throttle sticking

    I just recently got a hpi trophy truggy 4.6 and I broke it in and it was working fine then one day I was driving it and I sped up on a straight and the throttle on it stuck and I tried to brake and it wouldnt stop only until it hit what ever was in the way. please help thank you
  17. Meowzz

    RF & TF-40 Radio system Problem

    Hi, I have a Tf-40 And Rf-40 transmitter and receiver. I recently bought a car from eBay to do up and sell and keep the radio system. I plugged it in to my hobao hyper and had it working. I come back to it the next day and it won't connect to the receiver nor bind either, just has a solid light...
  18. Thumma47

    Hpi tranny adjustment

    I can't find the 2 screws to adjust the 2 speed tranny on my hpi savage. I've watched a but ton of vids doing what they say to do but no luck. It just doesn't seem to line up...at all.
  19. NitroBlood_92

    Thoughts on my first 1/8th Scale monster truck??

    Wadup guys, call me NTB for short. New to the forum just introducing myself and my current RC project to the scene. I got my engineering degree from SIUC so building and fabricating are no strangers to me. A couple months ago I did the impossible and tried to make a monster from one of the...
  20. FirsthandSnow

    HPI RS4 3

    hey, I posted a week or so ago about finding a relatives RS4 from 2002-4. I've found that everything is essentially the same on the newer models as on the old, which is helpful. However I'm trying to mount a G3.0 engine, using a 21mm brace, but I find that the nut on the carb is wedged against...