Vanquish VS4-10 Origin Limited Kit

Vanquish VS4-10 Origin Limited Kit

Last week we told you about the new Vanquish VS4-10 Origin Limited kit and today Vanquish Products has released all the information about their new VS4-10 kit!

There is one word that comes to mind when it comes to the Vanquish VS4-10, Amazing! Vanquish has designed a scale crawler that is been designed from the ground up and made for the hardcore RC scalers out there.

vanquish VS4-10 chassis

The attention to high quality and detail is amazing. From the door handles and gas cap, to the bucket seat interior, and the aluminum bumpers, and even the Currie axles.

Vanquish VS4-10 Specs

  • 12.3″ Wheelbase
  • 8.0″ (204mm) Overall Width
  • 19.3″ (490mm) Overall Length
  • 9.8″ (250mm) Overall Height
  • 3.75:1 Axle Ratio
  • 2.6:1 Transmission Internal Ratio
  • 40.5:1 Overall Reduction
  • 13T (3mm shaft) 32P Pinion Included
  • 54T 32P Spur Gear Included

Vanquish VS4-10 axle

Vanquish VS4-10 Required Items
  • Shock Oil
  • Tools
  • Paint
  • Grease (VPS01017 Recommended)
  • Threadlock
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Radio System
  • Motor (3mm Motor Shaft Recommended)
  • ESC
  • Steering Servo
  • Servo Horn (20mm Length Recommended)

Vanquish VS4-10 transmission

Part #: VPS09001 and will retail around $900… yeah it's not for everyone, but those that want the very best will certainly love this kit.

There are a ton of details, specs, and other information over at the Vanquish website. Even if you don't plan on buying this kit you got to at least check it out.

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