O.S. Engine 21XR-B Nitro Engine

O.S. Engine 21XR-B

The O.S. Engine 21XR-B nitro engine has been engineered to deliver maximum performance with minimal effort, while still being an affordable alternative for the up-and-coming off-roader. Proven O.S. technology ensures steady power. Ideal for any 1/8 scale buggy. Plus, the O.S. 21XR-B can be upgraded with many of the 21XZ-B’s parts for greater performance as a driver’s skills increase.

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PushGlo push button on-board glow igniter

PushGlo pushbutton glow igniter

While this isn’t exactly a “BRAND NEW, hot off the presses” item, the PushGlo onboard glow igniter is a pretty darn cool item. The PushGlo features selectable Glow Time, Audible “know when you glow” Buzzer, Spent Glow Plug Detection, Auto Compatibility with 4 to 9 volt RX battery source, accessory Port for optional LED and Pushbutton Extender Modules.

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Axial .21RR-1 Nitro Engine

Axial .21RR-1 nitro engine

The Axial .21RR-1 is Axial’s first .21 Cubic Inch / 3.47cc nitro engine to complement the reputable RR Series of ABC Designed Engines – designed for the racing enthusiast, from buggy basher to weekend race warrior. Starting with looks alone, this engine stands out especially with the tech looking, cross drilled head and crankcase and ABC construction!

The Axial 21RR-1 Engine has vast improvements with such features as a rock solid 2-needle carburetor, balanced crankshaft, 7-port piston cylinder sleeve and all new designed crankcase with emphasis on strength and weight reduction.

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O.S. Engine 21XZ-B nitro engine

O.S. Engine 21XZ-B

The new O.S. Engine 21XZ-B offers top-of-the-line power and performance at an unexpectedly low price. The O.S. Engine 21XZ-B offers less weight and a lower center of gravity on one hand, and improved torque and acceleration on the other, making the O.S. Engine 21XZ-B a savvy choice for racing. Other improvements include a stronger crankcase, and the new 21J2 three-needle carburetor that offers improved fuel mileage and a 7 mm restrictor for added fine-tuning finesse.

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