Axial .21RR-1 Nitro Engine

Axial .21RR-1 nitro engine

The Axial .21RR-1 is Axial's first .21 Cubic Inch / 3.47cc nitro engine to complement the reputable RR Series of ABC Designed Engines – designed for the racing enthusiast, from buggy basher to weekend race warrior. Starting with looks alone, this engine stands out especially with the tech looking, cross drilled head and crankcase and ABC construction!

The Axial 21RR-1 Engine has vast improvements with such features as a rock solid 2-needle carburetor, balanced crankshaft, 7-port piston cylinder sleeve and all new designed crankcase with emphasis on strength and weight reduction.

The Axial .21RR-1 carburetor has the stealth blacked out looks built with simplistic 2-needle design for ease of use. Color coded aluminum venturis in increments of 6.5mm, 7.0mm and 8.0mm are supplied to use in conjunction with the stock carburetor [9.0mm inlet] allowing for a wide range of airflow velocity tuning capabilities. Fully adjustable fuel valves and carb-linkage allow this carburetor to work on various engine applications. Another “performance-look” feature is the visual markings on the carburetor indicating 1/16th increments allowing for an “easy to adjust” air-fuel needle.

Axial .21RR-1 back

Axial engines are dyno tested to ensure the highest level of performance possible. We use the highest quality materials and the latest CAD and CNC techniques to set the maximum level of quality possible at roughly half the cost. The Axial 21RR-1 engine is aimed to provide the perfect balance between performance and price to deliver the top overall value for the enthusiast that likes to run hard and spend a little. If you are looking for “the best bang for the buck nitro engine” the Axial 21RR-1 is for you!

Axial .21RR-1 Specs

Size: .21 cubic inch/3.47cc
Maximum RPM: 40,000
Bore: 15.9mm
Stroke: 17.5mm
Construction: ABC
Heat-sink Head: Black Anodized
Carburetor: 9.0mm Composite Slide Carburetor (includes 8.0, 7 & 6.5mm aluminum venturis)
Carburetor Adjustments: 2 Needle, Flush Settings
Case: Black Aluminum, Rear Exhaust
Connecting Rod: Dual Bushing
Sleeve: 7 port
Starting system: Bumpstart
Recommended Glow Plug: Standard Long Glow Plug
Weight: 338.5g/11.94oz

Part #: AX00300 – Axial .21RR-1 Engine (Black)
MSRP: $290.00