Panasonic Eneloop 4th Gen Batteries On Sale!

I’ve been a big fan of Eneloop rechargeable batteries for a while now. They not only offer great capacity at 2000mAh, but are capable of holding 70% of their charge over 5 years! To top it off, the latest 4th generation Panasonic Eneloops are able to be recharged 2,100 times! These make great batteries to…

Deal: Eneloop XX 2500mAh with charger

Sanyo’s Eneloop are not like typical NiMH rechargeable batteries, Eneloop batteries feature a very slow discharge rate, in fact eneloop batteries typically maintain 75% of their charge over a years shelf life time and ship pre-charged. The Sanyo enelopp XX 2500mAh make for great batteries in radio transmitters as they offer good run time, store…

Hobbico LVM Lithium Voltmeter

Hobbico’s new Pro-Series LVM Lithium Voltmeter is so convenient you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it! The Hobbico LVM Lithium Voltmeter measures LiPo, LiFe or Li-Lon battery voltages for 2S to 6S packs all in a unit small enough to attach to your key chain or wrist or neck strap! The LVM measures…

Reedy 1800mAh LiPo Battery

Designed for 1/18th scale R/C’s, Reedy’s 1800mAh 25C battery is capable of powering the hottest aftermarket brushed and brushless motors to incredible top speeds with ease. A factory-installed Deans Ultra Plug connector with 14-gauge wires reduces power-robbing resistance, while an industry-standard JST XH balance connector makes balancing simple and convenient.

Dynamite RC LiPo Cell Voltage Checker

The Dynamite LiPo Cell Voltage Checker provides users with an easy method of checking the voltage of an entire LiPo pack or individual LiPo cell. The Dynamite Voltage checker, checks the voltage of packs up to 6S and connects to the battery using the battery balance lead.

Reedy 1700mAh LiFe receiver battery

The new receiver battery from Reedy offers both high capacity and a compact design – perfect for hobbyists or racers who want long-lasting receiver and servo power for their nitro powered vehicles. A full 1700mAh capacity is perfect for racers that require one-hour plus run times while providing voltage output similar to that of NiMH…

Reedy 60C LiPo competition batteries

Reedy has just announced the arrival of 60C competition LiPo batteries for the 2011 racing season! The all-new Reedy 60C batteries feature high capacity for maximum duration and dimensions that fall within the specs required by international sanctioning bodies (approvals in process).

Wolfpacks with Deans Ultra plug connectors

Reedy is now shipping their Wolfpack battery packs equipped with Deans Ultra Plug connectors in 7-cell flat 8.4V versions! Reedy Wolfpacks are assembled using Reedy’s high-tech NiMH sub-C SC-R cells. This exclusive cell features high capacity for extended run times while delivering maximum output thanks to its current carrying capabilities and ultra-low internal resistance. To…

Reedy 2700mAh AA Batteries

Reedy’s 2700mAh NiMH AA batteries feature high capacity and power output for your R/C model, transmitter, or receiver. The Reedy 2700maH batteries also offer excellent performance in digital cameras, portable electronics, emergency lights, or any devices that benefit from extended battery life and/or maximum power output.

Racers Edge 25C 5000mAh Lipo

Check out Racers Edge latest roar approved lipo! The 25c 5000 mAh lipo battery is lighter then traditional NiMh and NiCd batteries while offering longer run times and improved performance. The Racers Edge 25C lipo features a Traxxas high current connector as well as the same balancing connection as Align or Electrifly chargers. Part #:…