Dynamite RC LiPo Cell Voltage Checker

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Dynamite RC LiPo Cell Voltage Checker

The Dynamite LiPo Cell Voltage Checker provides users with an easy method of checking the voltage of an entire LiPo pack or individual LiPo cell. The Dynamite Voltage checker, checks the voltage of packs up to 6S and connects to the battery using the battery balance lead.

Measuring the voltage of LiPo battery packs can help identify performance problems with each pack and, in turn, help prevent problems associated with voltage decreases.

Dynamite RC LiPo Cell Voltage Checker Features

  • Easily identify the performance of cell in a Li-Po pack by reading voltage draw
  • Large, digital LED display shows output voltage
  • Unit checks and displays the voltage of the overall pack and then each cell individually up to 6S

Part #: DYN4071
MSRP: $14.99

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