Axial Robitronic BR50 1/8th Trophy Truck

Axial Robitronic BR50 1/8th Trophy Truck

Axial Racing has just created a new 1/8th scale truck that is truly in a class all by itself, the all new Axial Robitronic BR50 1/8th Trophy Truck. The Axial Robitronic BR50 has been made to be durable, easy to drive and maintain. You’ll find features like floating gearboxes, sealed center gearbox, a wide range of suspension and tuning options, and of course a powerful 4.6 big block nitro engine on the Axial Robitronic BR50.

Axial BR50 Big Block Nitro Engine

Speaking of which, the 4.6 big block engine found on the Axial Robitronic BR50 features a high-flow dual stage air filter, pull start, huge heat sink head to keep the nitro engine cool, as well as an aluminum tuned pipe!

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Robitronic CUBE 2

Robitronic CUBE 2 - Black and Red

Robitronic has just released the Robitronic CUBE 2 which is their newest revolution of electronic speed controllers (ESC) on the market. The Robitronic CUBE 2 is more powerful, more efficient and optimized for any R/C race classes. The incredible power and speed found in the Robitronic Cube 2 is perfect for any touring car stock classes. An additional optimized 2wd off-road program provides super soft driving and starts. The Robitronic CUBE 2 also comes with a built in Data Recorder which stores important data such as throttle position, current, voltage and more).

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Robitronic AVID Touring Car

Robitronic AVID Touring Car

Robitronic has announced the release of the AVID 1/10th Scale Electric Touring car. The Robitronic AVID is a high-end touring car designed specially for professional drivers.

While there are several high quality competition level cars currently on the market. All of them have many special features that help them stand out on the track. Robitronic started the design with this question: What can we do better? So the Robitronic Avid was designed for maximum performance, easy handling and a lot of new features in the touring car sector.

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Robitronic 1/18th Scalpel Pro Kit

Robitronic 1/18th Scalpel Pro Kit

Robitronic introduces the first competition level 1/18 electric pan car ever! This ultra light weight chassis contains a high performance POWER 300 motor and is set up to run 4 cells. The super smooth drive-train, ultra low center of gravity, completely adjustable suspension, factory glued foam tires, and GT style high down-force body all work together to make the Scalpel a rocket on the track.

Scalpel Specifications

  • Width: 115mm
  • Length: 185mm
  • Wheelbase: 129mm
  • Height: 55mm
  • Weight: 320g

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Robitronic Mantis Truggy

Robitronic Mantis Truggy

Robitronic Mantis 1/8 Offroad Truggy

Robitronic is proud to announce the release of the Mantis RTR 1/8th scale racing truggy. The Mantis truggy was designed to meet the needs of all levels from beginner to racer. The Mantis truggy was made to be ultra durable on the track, easy to handle and maintain. Features like floating gearboxes, a sealed center gearbox, all the suspension and tuning options you will ever need, and a powerful Axial 4.6 big block help set this truggy apart from the rest of the pack. Use of new materials and intelligent design ensure that the Mantis Truggy is built to last and capable of competing on the track. Mantis – the new name in 1/8th scale off road.

Mantis Ready to Run

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Robitronic iCUBE ESC

Robitronic iCUBE electronic speed controller

The Robitronic iCUBE ESC is another milestone in the development of electronic speed controllers. The Robitronic iCUBE electronic speed controller delivers unbelievable performance and many new features make the iCUBE an outstanding product, for competition use and demanding drivers alike.

Robitronic iCUBE Features:

  • New generation of PowerFETs with lower on resistance
  • 5 optimized Power Programs developed by World Topdrivers (Full Power, Power Save, Team, PC and Li-Po for 2 Cells)
  • Adjustable current limiter
  • Intelligent Fet Controll Protection (IFC)
  • Adjustable brake frequency
  • Auto Brake and Auto Roll adjustable
  • External setup button with data link
  • Switch off with transmitter
  • External soldering tabs for receiver- and silicone flex wire
  • Optimized current flow for lower heat
  • Optional PC-Interface for Setup and Software Update with Datarecorder (Throttle position, Current, Voltage, Laptimes)
  • Heatsink in 3 colors

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