Robitronic 1/18th Scalpel Pro Kit

Robitronic 1/18th Scalpel Pro Kit

Robitronic introduces the first competition level 1/18 electric pan car ever! This ultra light weight chassis contains a high performance POWER 300 motor and is set up to run 4 cells. The super smooth drive-train, ultra low center of gravity, completely adjustable suspension, factory glued foam tires, and GT style high down-force body all work together to make the Scalpel a rocket on the track.

Scalpel Specifications

  • Width: 115mm
  • Length: 185mm
  • Wheelbase: 129mm
  • Height: 55mm
  • Weight: 320g

Scalpel Pro Side View

Scalpel Pro Features

  • High efficiency Drive-train
  • 1.5mm Carbon-ultra-light-Chassis
  • 4 Cell Layout (2/3 A batteries)
  • Ultra-low point of gravity
  • Fiber-glass Anti-roll Antenna
  • Servo post fits standard micro servo
  • Fully adjustable Carbon-Suspension-Arms
  • Fully adjustable Friction-Plate Dampening-System
  • Adjustable Rear-Shock
  • Adjustable Tweak of T-Bar with Set Screws
  • CNC Aluminum Gear Plates
  • Adjustable Ride-Height
  • Adjustable Heavy-Duty Ball-Differential
  • 3 different Spur-Gears and 8 Pinion-Gears included
  • Easy Quick-Release Battery-Mount-System
  • Pre-glued and sanded Foam-Tires on Rims
  • Robitronic POWER 300 High-Power Motor 4.8V
  • Ultra-Low GT-Style Racing Body
Scalpel Pro Diff

Scalpel Option Parts

  • CNC aluminum motor mount for brushless motor (Mamba etc.)

Part #: R39200 – Scalpel Pro Kit
MSRP: $226.00

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