Reedy 121VR .21 Nitro Engine

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Reedy 121VR

The new Reedy 121VR .21 nitro engine has been designed in-house by Reedy’s esteemed engineering staff and track-tested by R/C racing team drivers such as Ryan Maifield, Craig Drescher and Richard Saxton, Reedy’s all-new 121VR Competition Nitro Buggy Engine has been produced using state-of-the-art materials and high-tech manufacturing processes. The result is a race-proven engine that is capable of producing world-class power and fuel economy with a driver-friendly linear power band.

Reedy 121VR Features:

  • 3+1 Port Chrome Plated Cylinder
  • High Silicon CNC Machined Piston
  • Knife Edged 7075 Aluminum Connecting Rod
  • Polished Turbo Scoop Crankshaft with Silicone Insert
  • Chrome Plated Back Plate with Turbo Scoop
  • Precision Ball Bearings
  • Lightweight Machined Aluminum Heatsink Head
  • Oversized Finned Turbo Head Button
  • Thermo Insulated Screw Mounted 2-Needle Carburetor
  • 7.0mm, 8.0mm, and 9.0mm Air Restrictors

Part #: 800 121VR .21 Buggy Engine
MSRP: $429.99

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