Proline 23mm Heavy Duty Hex

Proline HD Hex

Today's monster trucks just keep getting bigger and bigger. The overall weight of vehicles has nearly doubled and the amount of horsepower the engines produce has nearly doubled as well in just a short time span. Yes, the monster truck attributes are a changin'. Drive shafts have increased in size, aluminum or metal gears are present in most drive chains, dual disc brakes, and even two servos have been added to enable the truck to maneuver adequately. However, through all these monstrous changes, there has been one thing that has remained the same—the hub size.

Since the release of the Traxxas T-MAXX nearly 5 years ago, most manufacturers have based their hub design on the standard T-MAXX hub. The hub is a mere 14mm in diameter. Now with today's monster trucks seeing tires sizes 6 inches plus, the hub size is not in proportion to the size and weight of today's monster truck and monster truck tires. There is a cure, however, the all-new 23mm Heavy Duty Series products by Pro-Line.

The 23mm HD series of products are for the full on monster truck enthusiast. This includes the backyard basher or the track terror. The 60% larger hexes provide unbeatable performance and enhance the overall durability and longevity over standard size hexes. Installation is a breeze. Simply remove the standard nut, wheel, and hex, and replace with 23mm hex, wheel, standard nut, and new wheel nut.