Pro-Line X-Maxx Trencher 4.3” tires

proline trencher 10151 on xmaxx

The ever popular Pro-line Trencher is now available for the Traxxas X-Maxx with their newly announced Pro-Line X-Maxx Trencher 4.3 tires. The Pro-Line Trenchers have long been known for their excellent all-terrain ability that also sport an aggressive look.

The reinforced tire bead fits into a channel on the wheel and the bead-loc screws actually pass through the tire rubber before being pinched by the outer bead-loc ring to create the most secure mounting possible.

pro-line trencher 4.3" 10151

Proline Trencher 4.3 Pro-Loc Features

  • Horizontal H Shaped Tread
  • Over-sized Tread
  • Wider Tire Size
  • Super Soft, Maximum Traction Tire Compound
  • Reinforced Tire Bead
  • Foam Inserts Included
  • Made in the USA

Part number for the 4.3″ Trenchers is: #10151-00 and has a retail price of $55.

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