Savage MP Servo Saver Mod

– Improved durability
– Improves steering capabilities
– Enhances handling and overall performance

Parts Needed:
1 Set – OFNA Servo Saver Set (Part # 18034)
1 Set – OFNA Clutch Bell Shim Kit (Part # 10099)
1 Set – OFNA Aluminum Servo Arm (Part # 10732) OR Any Brand of Futaba Servo Arm
2 Sets – Duratrax 6x10mm Ball Bearings (Part # 1561) OR Any Brand of 6x10mm Bearings

As with any set of directions, there are more than one way to do things. So use these as a guideline and use your own judgment when doing your mod. Let’s begin:

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Body Clip Pulls

So you’re tired of losing those pesky little body clips? Or perhaps just getting them off of your ride is tough? Here’s an easy solution to your problems. These little babies make them more visible and create a “handle” that is easy to grab and pull, thus the name.

Things you need to create RC Body Clip Pulls

A. Fuel tubing — at least 6 inches long (to make 4 pulls) in your favorite color (the brighter the color, the more visible the clip will be should it “fall” off the RC.)

B. Small Zip strips — one (1) strip per body clip. The 4 inch variety is the best for this application. Mix or match the color to your desire. I use a black set from Racer’s Edge but any brand will do.

C. Small metal washers — two (2) per body clip. The best suited for this application have 1/4 inch outer diameter and fit over 3mm metric screws. The ones I use came with a screw set made by Racer’s Edge for the T-Maxx.

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Savage 4 Gear Differential Spider Mod

– Improved strength of the differentials
– Makes your diffs last longer
– The fluid improves traction by attempting to transfer power to both wheels at the same speed
– Improves steering capabilities
– Enhances handling and overall performance from the differentials

Parts Needed:
2 Sets – HPI Bevel Gear Set (Part # 86032)
1 Set – Kyosho Bevel Gear Shaft Set (Part # 2335) –OR– 2 Sets – OFNA Cross Pin 4.0mm 9.5 (Part # 30773)
1 Can of your Favorite Degreaser or Cleaner
1 Tube of HPI Grease (Part # Z160) –OR– Any Brand of Grease
1 or 2 Bottles of your Choice of

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Monster GT Forward Only Conversion (FOC) Kit

Many people have been having troubles installing the forward only conversion (FOC) kit for the Monster GT, it seems some of the FOC kit instructions are incorrect. So I’ve made up my own instructions for everyone which should make things a lot easier. I should make a note, these instructions are assuming you’ve got the Monster GT transmission out of the truck and disassembled

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How to remove aluminum anodizing

I recently posted my Traxxas T-Maxx up for sale in the RC classifieds, but before I did I wanted to dress up my used T-Maxx truck. You see, being a bashing truck it had a few scratches and not all the aluminum parts wasn’t the same color.

So I decided to take my multi-color aluminum pieces and make them all one color, raw aluminum. In this post I’ll show how to remove anodizing from your aluminum RC parts.

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T-Maxx Differential Shimming

Whats Needed:

  • 6x9x.5 Teflon shims (# 3981)
  • Tools to remove the diffs from the truck

Lets Begin:

Obviously, you need the diffs off the truck and fully disassembled. Clean all grease and/or oil off of all parts. You need to shim while the parts are “dry” so the grease isn’t adding false width here and there.

From here on, I’ll assume you’ve cleaned everything and have it all apart. Also, you will need a bag of 3981 (6x9x.5 Teflon shims). You can use thinner steel shims, but I didn’t and it worked out fine.

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