HUDY RC Tool bag

HUDY R/C Tools Bag

Check out this cool RC Tool Bag just released from HUDY! This new HUDY RC Tools bag holds up to 30 tools and accessories by using super strong Xylan straps to hold everything in place. The inner walls have a strong plastic sheet for reinforcement and the bag closes using a heavy duty lockable zipper. The outside of the HUDY RC Tool Bag features a stylish full-color graphics around the entire tools bag.

HUDY RC Tool Bag front design

HUDY RC Tools Bag Features

  • Premium, exclusive tool carrying bag
  • Super modern and outstanding never seen before look
  • Cool, stylish and full-color graphics around the bag
  • High-quality European materials
  • Manufactured exclusively in Slovakia, Europe
  • Ideal size for carrying all the tools and accessories
  • Holds up to 30 tools
  • Easy to organize tools inside the box
  • Super-strong stretchy xylan holds the tools and will keep its stretchy characteristics long time
  • Inside walls a strong plastic sheets are sewn up to reinforce the walls of the carrying bag to ensure when the bag is fully loaded with tools it will not twist or bend
  • Heavy-duty lockable zipper
  • Strong yet super-soft spongy handle for comfortable handling

Part #: 199010 – HUDY RC Tool Bag

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