Team Losi Aftershock Monster Truck RTR W/.26 & XR2i

Team Losi Aftershock

Team Losi has taken the most desired elements of the everyday monster truck enthusiast and put together the biggest, baddest, most powerful entrance level monster truck ever offered…. The Aftershock. Bigger is better and the Team Losi Aftershock is the biggest out there dwarfing all comers. Big power comes from a big block M26SS engine through a shift on the fly 2- speed transmission for the best combination of acceleration and top speed. And the transmission is filled with big steel gears instead of wimpy plastic pieces doomed to fail.

The power is transmitted through heat-treated steel CV style driveshafts and aluminum cased steel geared differentials to the giant chrome wheels and huge rubber tires. The Losi Aftershock is equipped with big rugged suspension arms that are controlled by the biggest shocks in the business – over 3 times larger than those found on other models. Genuine rubber sealed ball bearings keep everything rolling freely while keeping dirt and debris out. Big power and big performance needs big control and the Aftershock’s sensational package is completed with another Team Losi exclusive, the premium JR XR2i computer based radio system. There is not one but two metal geared steering servos that allow you to keep control of this monster. The other remarkable features include multiple model memory, servo adjustments, and easy to read LCD screen. Best of all you can customize or personalize your truck with the wide assortment of genuine Team Losi performance and appearance parts currently available.

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Hot Bodies Lightning GT10

The Hot Bodies Lightning GT10 ready to run monster truck comes with giant tires, long suspension arms, a Power Factory 2.6 racing engine, jump-start starting system, TF-3 radio system, and a pre-printed body! Unfortunately Hot Bodies hasn’t released any further info about the new Lightning GT10 monster truck, however they do have a few pictures of the truck.

Side shot of the Lightning GT10 from Hot Bodies

Hot Bodies Lightning GT10

Check over at Hot Bodies for more pictures of their new monster truck and any further info as it’s released, or check for any follow up’s and discussion about the Lightning GT10 in our Other Monster Trucks Talk forum.

Spektrum SR3500 Micro Receiver

Spektrum SR3500 Micro Receiver

Think of it. All the no-pins, no-crystals, no-glitches, no-interference convenience and security of Spektrum’s DSM 2.4GHz technology in a smaller package. Fact is, except for not featuring a telemetry section, its performance and circuitry are identical to that of our regular, race-proven SR3000 receiver. Plus the lowest latency, equal to that of the new Pro Series receivers.


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D-BOX Stability Control System

HPI D-BOX Stability Control System

The HPI D-Box was designed to work on all HPI Racing and HotBodies vehicles. The HPI D-Box system was specially developed for RC cars to assist in getting the perfect drift angle around the turns but further research yielded benefits for every vehicle! From the Micro’s to the Baja, this Adjustable Stability Control System will assist your driving and overall car control.

With offroad vehicles, the HPI D-Box Adjustable Stability Control System helps you concentrate on driving to the next turn as it keeps the vehicle running smooth through obstacles such as rough ruts. Hitting ruts at an angle would normally pull the steering off the intended path and your late counter reactive steering input would have you “flopping all over” when you initially just wanted to go straight. With the assistance from the Adjustable Stability Control System, The steering automatically reacts and keeps you on the straight and narrow, which is the fastest line from point-A to point-B.

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Team Losi XXX-CR

Team Losi XXX-CR

Team Losi celebrates their 25th year of offering racers unmatched race proven designs and features with the release of the Team Losi XXX-CR 2WD off-road racing buggy. The CR designation is a throw back to the Losi heritage offering “Competition Ready” kits incorporating innovative thinking, cutting edge design and unmatched material technology. The Team Losi engineering and development team have redesigned and revised a number of key elements for the XXX-CR to take full advantage of the latest generation of hi-performance motors, batteries, and tires.

The Team Losi XXX-CR also benefits from Team Losi’s exclusive new “EA3” composite material for more durability than any buggy you’ve ever driven. The unique combination of design, hi-tech components and materials lets the Team Losi XXX-CR produce incredible acceleration and stability through the roughest track sections and tightest turns. The wide range of adjustability and predictable handling makes the Team Losi XXX-CR even easier to drive fast.

Team Losi XXX-CR Competition 2WD Buggy Kit Features:

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