Traxxas Maxx Book

Ever wanted to know the history of the famous Traxxas T-Maxx? Well now you can, Air Age Media has published a book that will not only tell you the history of the T-Maxx, but tips and guides for your T-Maxx.

In this 250-page, full-color Maxx book (part #9914), you will learn everything there is to know about the legendary T-Maxx; the truck that single-handedly changed the face of R/C forever. This book has it all, from photos of early prototypes and interviews with Traxxas’ director of engineering, to an in-depth look at the huge market of hop-ups and performance accessories. Plus, you get a bonus DVD packed full of roaring action footage of all the Traxxas models, including Revo! There is no more comprehensive guide available anywhere. It's a must have for Maxx enthusiasts!

Inside you will find:

  • History of the Traxxas Maxx trucks
  • Maxx trucks tested
  • Tips on customizing your Maxx truck
  • Guides for tuning, selecting tires, setting up for races
  • The wildest and most spectacular Maxx creations
  • Published by Air Age Media, the leader in R/C publishing