Axial 32RR-1 Nitro Engine


The new Axial 32RR-1 Nitro RC engine is based off of the Axial .28RR engine. This engine is designed to be more efficient and output more power than the previous .32 engines while still delivering monster torque! The Axial 32RR-1 features a true ABC sleeve construction for the most durability as well as a composite 9.0mm slide carburetor with optional 8.0mm and 8.5mm venturi's.

The Axial 32RR-1 carburetor features quick and easy needle settings for resetting to factory specifications. Axial has also given the 32RR-1 nitro rc engine a reliable pull start so you don't have to carry around a starter box. The aluminum machined heat sink head has an increased surface area for better cooling. To top it off, Axial has given the Axial 32RR-1 engine dual bushing aluminum connecting rod as well as a balanced crankshaft for improved RPM and efficiency.

Axial 32RR-1 Nitro Engine Specs
Size .32 cubic inch /5.2cc
Maximum RPM 37500 RPM
Bore 19.5mm
Stroke 17.5mm
Construction ABC (Aluminum Brass Chrome)
Heat-sink Head Axial black anodized
Carburetor 9.0mm composite slide carburetor
Carburetor Adjustments 3 Needle, flush settings
Case Black aluminum, rear exhaut
Connecting Rod Dual bushings
Sleeve 6P
Starting system Pullstarter
Recommended Glow Plug Cold-5 power plug

Part #: AX0332 – Axial 32RR-1 Engine
MSRP: $280.00

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