JNR Racing Aluminum Skids and Bumpers


What you will need for installation:
– Quality #1 Phillips screwdriver. I prefer a flat nose #1 as it will sit deeper in the screw head, with less chance of stripping a screw.
– Locktite

Upon receiving the skids and bumpers I removed them from the package and gave them the once over. Overall they looked really nice. No instructions for installation were included, but it was self explanatory and quite simple.

Interlocking Skid Installation:

– Step 1: Remove the existing 8 phillips head screws in the rear skid, the 10 phillips head screws for the front skid. Two of the screws in the front skid will be machine screws that attach to the steering bell crank posts. Remove factory skids and plates.

– Step 2: Install the front skid. Since the skids do not come with new hardware you will need to reuse the screws you removed from the factory skids. Install the new front skid, remember to use loctite on the two machine screws that hold the steering bell crank posts to the skid.

JNR front skid installed

– Step 3: Install the center skid. The center skid locks underneath the front and rear skid so you will need to install this one next. The center skid does include the 4 phillips head screws to attach it to the chassis supports. Insert one end of the skid under the front skid and line up the four predrilled holes in the chassis braces with the four countersunk holes in the skid, now install the four Phillips head screws.

Center JNR skid installed

– Step 4: Install the rear skid by reinstalling the 8 phillips head screws you removed from the factory skids.

Rear JNR skid plate installed

Steering Servo Skid Installation:

– Step 1: The steering servo skid is quite simple to install. Just remove the four Phillips head screws holding the steering servo to the chassis. Using the include four longer Phillips head screws, place the servo skid over the servo and insert the screws through the holes in the skid that go through the chassis to the mount. Your done!

Steering Servo Skid

Bumper Installation:

– Step 1: Remove the four screws holding both the front and rear bumpers to the truck. Remove both bumpers.

– Step 2: Line up holes on new bumper with bumper supports, and reinstall the four phillips head screws. Do this for both the front and rear bumper.

JNR bumber installed

The Review:

After removing and inspecting all the items, I found them overall to be machined very nicely. I think a little more effort on the finishing would have been nice but no big deal. All the pre-drilled countersunk holes lined up perfectly with the factory holes, making installing the new parts a breeze. However I first tried installing everything on my main T which I have installed a set of Racers Edge chassis braces on, unfortunately they would not work with these particular braces, but they fit the stock braces on my other T perfectly. As far as them fitting on any other aftermarket chassis braces I could not say one-way or the other.

The interlocking system of the front center and rear skids are very nice, and fit together perfectly. All the holes lined up nicely with the factory holes. They have access holes drilled in them so that the engine and transmission can be removed without having to remove the skids, a very nice feature. I would like to have seen them include new hardware for everything and not just the center and servo skids.

I was impressed with the servo skid, I really like the added protection of the side wall on the skid, adding even more protection for the steering servo. Not much else I can say about this one, great look, great fit, very functional.

The bumpers look great! And although I don't have a scale to weigh them, they felt very light. The holes all lined up perfectly with the bumper support mounts, and really added a good looking touch to the body. I would like to see them offer them individually as well. I would like to have used one of the rear bumpers on the front as several of the bodies I run have a flat front, i.e. Jeep, and Bronco bodies. All in all, I would have to say this skid set and bumpers look great, and fit great!

JNR Racing