Volantex SR48 ESC

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RCNT Basher
I bought a Volantex Sr48 and want to use my 2200mah 3s lipos with it. It comes with a 1000mah 3s. The guy I bought it from said I would need a more powerful esc..atleast 30A or the 20A one it comes with would burn out. Is this true? doesn't make sense..batteries are same voltage just different capacity. Any thoughts?


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Taylor Michigan
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it comes with a 3 cell. just because you have 2200 it wont burn esc out.. thats someone that is person missing some info


RCNT Basher
Yeah thats what I was thinking..didnt make sense to me. He has upgraded a few of them maybe he is just a bit upgrade exuberant. Maybe the esc is too small for the boat to begin with. I'll prob order a cheap more powerful one to have on hand if/when it burns out. Thanks for the replies guys!
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