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Hoof Hearted
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Bashing, Flying
Thank you. I'm really glad to get back into it and the wife is loving it.
You can NEVER get out of this hobby. You can only take an occasional break. 10 years, at most.


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Beautiful Idaho.
Thanks Bob, I appreciate it. I didn't spend much time at all on it actually. It was very simple. The hardest part was getting the decals straight.
Pretty tough looking truck you have yourself, I love it...


Hoof Hearted
Staff member
Military Veteran
In my recliner
RC Driving Style
Bashing, Flying
Hmm maybe your memory is better that mine:D For some reason Kyosho Inferno comes to mind.
I only suggested Tamiya since almost EVERYONE who got into this hobby in the early days had one. That also included the first nitro monster truck.

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