Traxxas 6700 mah 4s LiPo Battery

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Good evening,

The three photos are a battery I purchased yesterday and have about 40 minutes on it. From what I can see, none of the cells are exposed as it seems more of a outer plastic covering that tore. But I can see the steel plates are exposed. Is there anything I should be worried with these two batteries? Can electrical tape be used to protect the covering from tearing more?

Once I noticed this exterior damage to the battery, I checked to see if the battery was secured well in the battery tray and there was no slop. The battery felt nice and secure within the Traxxas Maxx I am running. I do have a piece of thin foam that came with the truck in between the tray and bottom of the battery.


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You should be fine if you tape it with electric tape just always watch them when they charge just in case they are damaged they could set fire if you ordered it from traxxas website you might be able to get a new one but anywhere you ordered it from try to get a replacement if you can it’s good because you’d have 4 of them but 2 are damaged so be safe have fun