The sounds of plastic and metal parts hitting rocks

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I have this obsession right now with tinkering with the TRX4. It seems like I'm changing something every time I run it.

That said I went out and beat on it for 2 hours today. I've got to say I'm really liking the way this little piggy moves. I need to sort out the spring situation, it seems like I cannot get my preload right. It's either too much or not enough.

Looking at a set of full-sized shocks at work yesterday I think I'm going to build a collar so I can cut down one of the other coil sets I have and have a customizable progressive spring rate setup. I'm working on the collar in Fusion right now so we'll see how it goes.

Couple of videos from today's testing. Still running the 3D-printed wheels and the Hobbypark Chyrax tires. Honestly for running on rocks that are smooth and just above freezing temp-wise, and the water was up last week so the dirt is all damp, they do pretty good for a set of $20 tires and foams. You can see in the videos that I twist on those things and between them and the 3D printed wheels I haven't lost a bead yet.

First video is my favorite rock from 3 different angles. I love finding a line that challenges me then running it until I can nail it 90+ percent of the time.

Second one is just clips of different lines I play on, some I execute, some I fail. I like to include both.