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What’s up everyone so I have a losi tenacity buggy and I’m running a 17t pinion and 3s and its seems like all the power is going to the front wheels . How would I make it put the power to the rear wheels ?
500k diff fluid in the center would solve the problem. Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to diff fluid, I would recommend some experimentation to find what works for you.
I'd bet you a dollar to a donut< make it custard filled, that when you open the diff, there is only enough oil in them to barely coat the gears!
And I found RTR diffs with bearing grease in them?!
Losi's stock setup is apparently 5-5-3 which is fine (if a bit on the thin side) for a typical racing setup, but very thin for bashing. (5-5-3 means 5000 front and center, 3000 cSt rear). So you could go 10 or 20 or 50k center. Or more. But it's not a monster truck and overdoing it will make it drive worse without any real benefits IMO.

My Tekno SCT410 was pre-owned by a basher and he'd built it with very thick diff fluids which made it uncontrollable on loose surfaces. I went back to stock 7-7-5 and it's much better.

Really thick oils (100k-1M) are usually recommended for overpowered monster trucks and such, where you need air control for backflips and other stunty behavior. Handling on the ground is secondary in that case.
In addition to thicker center diff fluid, you may want to decrease kick-up of the rear suspension if that’s possible. It usually is, one way or another. This makes load transfer to the rear tires a little slower and helps the front tires actually drive the car instead of spinning out immediately.

Increasing the wheelbase in the rear is another possibility to shift more weight to the front wheels and decrease load transfer: more grip in the front and reduced grip in the rear. Less imbalance for the center diff to handle.

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