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Keeping warm in a fat roll somewhere.
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Another Associated. Was hesitant about the new suspension setup but not any more. Thing is a rocket with the new v3:




Kinda cheated on the paintjob as I didnt feel like messin with the liquid mask but all in all it was a fun build


RC Newbie
Here's my 2.5 nitro rusty. Just mounted the battery pack up front to try and tame the beast a bit. Just started building a little. Rpm rear shock tower, and big bore shocks all the way around. Just put the new shocks on. Well see how they do this weekend



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Houston, Texas USA
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Rustler ST here. Bought new as a kit back '00 or '01. Presently, she does off-road duty as a Pace Truck for my back yard grass track oval. Novak 21.5R Ballistic motor/Havoc Pro ESC/2s 3500 LiPo round out the power unit. JConcepts Carver FR and Goose Bumps RR are the tire sets. Radio is Spektrum DX4C DSMR.
20200301_120856_LF Rus_20200301.jpg
20200301_120934_RR Rus_20200301.jpg

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