side by side pics of hard core mutant head and stock os

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Amazing how big those heads are! Let me know how it performs and how high above the lid does it extend. I've been thinking of getting one.

Keep us posted!
i ran it today. My os never ran so good before. I installed the heat sink and started the truck up. Made a few warm up runs, then started doing WOT runs (more then 7 seconds). The temps never went over 205-210. (old head it ran 230-250 (250=rare)) I leaned it more until temps were 230. I never saw my truck take off like it did. The other thing i noticed was that it cooled faster. After WOT runs i would temp gun it ever second and the temps would drop to 200 almost instantly. I am going to take some vids tomorrow. The lhs guy (major racer) went and got him self a whole bunch of these.

As for it sticking out of the body (yes it does)i will take pics in a second or so and post them.
A quick word.
The head may be cool but the internal temp of the engine is still high.
Its real easy to burn an engine up using aftermarket heads.

The head is a good one, Try running at 200 deg f. max and see how it feels.
Fast Eddy, i have been using the Mutant head for a few weeks now, and this thing is awesome. My temps average 180-190, even after a wot run through grass it never went over 210. If you are using a temp guage and taking a reading on the glow plug and not the head itself your temps should be correct. However if you are using an on board temp guage I agree with you that you may get false readings, and yes it is always a good idea to see smoke. Anyway I think this thing is great my OS never ran so good! :D
Gooing old school here "the mutant is the bomb" :banana:
I've been wanting one of those but I don't have the money:(
El pirata...So far so good. many roll overs. (i changed eletronics to futaba 3pdf and had to much break lol end over end lots of times. I was trying to do stoppies) Also my bashing buddy got one and he launched his off a 4 ft dirt pile in 2nd gear and it land perfectly .........on the roof :) no damage (except for stearingand linkage (no carb flip))

EL pirata I might have been lucky. I dont have enough running time to tell if that is going to be a problem yet. I will keep you posted as time goes on.

A suggestion is to put a zip tie or 2 on the last ring of the heat sink. This protects it from scratches. ( to late for me :()

Let me know if you want a pic of the zip ties.
well i have a lot of run time with this head. verdict...I love it. my truck runs at 200 with nice power (220 and the thing rocks).

I had some major wrecks aslo, and the head took it all. Although my a-arms broke and so did 2 shocks (bent them real bad) and the steering servo saver (i was up all night putting rpm a-arms/ti pins on and bigbores)

I was bashing at an old sand pit. there were monster hills and me and my buddy were racing up and down the hills. On the down side of the hills there are woops and you can double/tripple jump ...well when my maxx landed there was a rock that was just the right hight to catch the lower a-arm.(WOT) need i say more...

I will post pics of the damged parts
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What about the Mini-Fridge compared to the Mutant head? I just bought a OS .15 CV-X and was wondering about a better head. I thought the fridge was really cool. But if the Mutant is better then I'd get that. Any links as to where I can get one for the best price would be helpful. Thanks.
How about the O'Donnel head? Anyone use one on their OS? Did it help any?
This is completely un-related but I figured I'd mention it just because.. :) Anybody ever notice how the stock pipe puts a mark on the chassis? I think it's kinda odd how Traxxas would do that. I just find it annoying.. :) Okay there, I feel better.
my ae pipe hits as well. It has no choice but to hit the chassy when landing some of those jumps
Mine sits pretty high as to not hit anything. I don't do much big air anymore though, mostly just racing and a bit of bashing from time to time.. :)
what division of inel. I used to maintain a slew of ssl netructers...
Ah yes, the netstructures. I messed with those a bit, fairly neat. Took both of the 500mhz p3's out of it and put it into a dual p3 system.. heheh.. :)

Oh.. I deal with networking. Pro/10's, Pro/100's, PCMCIA and wireless ethernet products. I am what they call a PSE.. Product Support Engineer. Basically.. if the level 1 phone tech's have a problem they can't fix, it comes to me. So in other words.. I work for about an hour a day.. and play games the rest of the day.. :)
sounds like me. I am a net admin that turned into security guru. I now own my own consulting company. I do lots of web farms/cluster servers and load balacing/ssl/ssh,routers/firewalls and that garbage. I do moslty over the wire business so I to sit home and play most of the day.