RPM Plastics Replacement Parts Turnover Time

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I guess we pretty much all know that RPM makes excellent replacement rc car parts and offer a lifetime warranty on their parts.
I sent in a broken piece probably 20 business days ago and they are only the next state over but have yet to receive my replacement part. What good is a warranty if it goes un-honored.
Has anyone done the same and can tell me how long it took to receive their part?

Thanks so much!
If they are only the next state over, sounds like it's the shipping company not RPM.
I can't speak for RPM, but I have done warranty claims with TEKNO in the past and it typically takes between 6-8 weeks total turnaround time based on the dozens of warranty claims I made with them.

I prefer to buy a new part and keep the warrantied parts for spares when they eventually arrive :)