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Rainy Day?
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Don't have one yet?
Want to R/C Race someone accross the WEB?!?!?!

Try this!!!!!
Check out more info here on my site:!.htm



We could race each other online!!!
I need to find a copy. :banana:
When I'm setup to race on-line...I'll post back here and hopefully there will be some more of you guys ready for the challenge.
link wont work for me :(

:devious: Server Busy! darn. I WANNA PLAY! lol.
My site is getting PEGGED by so many visitors! It's been maxxing out on users...try it again later...

If the pics show and my sig shows...the link should work.
Yep...yep...yep...I've got no way out of my contract now. It hasn't been 30 days, but there has to be a technical reason. I signed up to the service and terms and this is not a valid reason. I'm a bit peeved - I'm trying to work something out.
i just started the it done yet? lol, I have a fast computer.
Oh great! I've spawned a whole slew of piracy!

Covering My Butt - Just in case the Super Secret Software Police are watching...

My intent was to let the R/C crowd know about this cool and fun old game - I'm making attempts to find where it can be BOUGHT, and I'll post here when (or if) I find that out. nor I advocate software piracy in any way shape or form.

If you guys ARE downloading it/copying it, whatever - I suggest you don't publicize it here...
We sold the game a year or so ago. I called all my distributors and no one has it in stock.
I have put the word out to my surplus buyer and will see what comes back.
First - more sites that I found:

Now for the official response from Acclaim:

-----Original Message-----
From: PCSupport [mailto:p[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, August 23, 2002 9:51 AM
To: ***********
Subject: Re-Volt / *********.com

Thank you for contacting Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. Re-Volt has been out of
production for some time now and we no longer have inventory for sale. I was
informed that Scholastic Book Club does have inventory, you might want to
try them at 1-800-724-4811 or If not, your best bet
would be to search on the Internet for a retailer with older inventory, as
we do not have information on which retail locations still have inventory.



-----Original Message-----
From: **********
Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2002 5:25 PM
To: PCSupport
Subject: Buying Re-Volt for the PC

Where can I buy this game? I can not find it on your on-line store...

Thank you,



I already checked the site and called the 800 number...they do NOT have it in stock!
can someone give me an EXACT link to the area where you play the game? I can't find where to play it. AND I WANT TO!.
Hey, I've installed Re-Volt today and installed the T-Maxx model. Sweet stuff dude! I can flip the virtua-Maxx just as much as my real one. I need to use a joystick because the keyboard controls are way to difficult.
Originally posted by matts6887
Darth; did u have to use the cd to play it; or were u able to somehow play it without the cd? Also; if u played it without the cd; how did u do it(this is perfectly legal as I have a legal copy that I bought)? Is there a patch or something I have to get or what?

Yes, you do need the CD to play it. It plays audio from the CD.
PM me if you have anything other than a retail copy, I'll help you out.
I downlaod it, now what?

do I need to donload a car or truck too? I clicked dowload the demo american version, now what?

forget the last post. Its asks for a resolution and a video card. How do I find out what kind of video card I have? Whats my resolution? Should I save it to the A drive and try it on my lap-top?

PLEASE help. I would pay to get this working (I'm j/k)