Sold SOLD (no longer available) Arrma Senton 4x4 V3 BLX RTR for sale, one battery pack through it

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UPDATE - No longer available. Found someone who can use the transmitter and receiver and possibly some other parts, so I'll be cannibalizing the rest of the truck for projects. Thanks.

Original post: Hello fellow R/C addicts. In my furor to get my wife into the hobby I went and got myself one truck too many. I now have an Arrma Senton (edit: it's the brushless, V3 BLX version) 4x4 RTR for sale. I'm asking for $200 for it. The only alteration from a stock RTR is that a Futaba Rx has been installed. I still have the stock Rx and Tx, but they drove me insane failing to bind on startup. It's probably worth noting that the other Arrma we got at the same time will only bind on startup if the truck is still and level when we power it on. Maybe that's normal, but it frustrated us for a while before I cottoned on to what the deal was. I'm happy to re-install the stock Rx on request. My hope is that this is a good deal for someone, as it pains me to part with such a lovely bit of engineering, but I just don't drive it. And something so well made should be used. I've never sold an RC before, so let's hope I've set the price properly for that.

Issues with the truck (for those that are already familiar with the Senton):

The body clips: I guess this is normal for Arrma, but the body clips are absolutely bonkers tight. The sole damage to the vehicle is that the rubber clip holder on the front, right post has popped open, so the clip is only loosely held to the strap when it's not clipped on. This happened when I foolishly attempted to use those tabs to pull out the clip from the body post. In my opinion the clips are not only too stiff for comfortable use, but also appear to be a little sloppy, like some paint or some un-sanded burrs on the metal make it hard to insert and remove. Might be worth sanding down the tips and prying em open a bit to make it easier. I was afraid to destroy the clips, so I haven't attempted to "fix" them.
It's Silly Fast: Just silly. I see now why ROAR uses 2S for racing, my word this thing is a rocket with the 3S, 50C battery I used in it. I set the ESC to 100% punch to really get a kick out of the juice, and it's hilarious.
Steering isn't Centered: I had to set the trim quite high to get it centered. I noticed also that the RTR Tx was cranked over too, so it appears the assembler at Arrma set it the same way. End points look even and don't bind, doesn't seem to impact function at all. Just noting this in case it seems odd when you bind it.

Arrma Senton 4x4 (for those that are not already familiar with the Senton):
My impression is that this truck is heavily overbuilt. It's chunky, thick plastic all around, with really nice structures to keep the worst mud and rocks out of the innards. It's certainly much heavier than my other SCTs, and it seems to use quite a lot of battery. It's also far faster than the others, so the battery use isn't wasted, in my eyes. The interior is well thought out, I love that there is a hoop for the battery line that is secured away from the central driveshaft. Very easy and obvious to set it up soundly.

The 4WD works beautifully, grabs terrain and just goes exactly where you tell it too. I found you had to really give it the beans to break loose and slide through a corner, and it's FAST when you do. In comparison to my 2WD, it's "stickier", almost closer to a video game at lower speeds, and it's far more predictable when braking into turns.

I barely took it to the air, but it seemed to jump as it drove: predictably. There is so much power that air control was very responsive, I guess because it has so much mass to spin around with the heavy wheels (I'm used to a lighter 2WD). Shocks are stiff due to the weight of the truck, and seem to work very well. No bounciness that I could see.

Overall I'm very impressed, but don't enjoy the extreme predictability of the 4WD setup in my limited space, I just can't open it up to chuck dirt around as I'd wish. I'm hoping this will be a good deal for someone that DOES prefer the 4WD or has the room to really let it run. As stated in the title I've only run one battery pack through it, and took it a bit easy. I've tried to include a lot of photos so someone with more experience can make their own judgement.

Payment will need to be via PayPal invoice. I'm happy to work with whoever wants to buy it on shipping method. I know FedEx is a mess in my area, but I suspect it's different everywhere, so let me know your preference. As I've never shipped an RC car before, please expect to need a weapon to cut through excessive bubble wrapping if you buy this. I'll do my best to check my messages a few times a day, first come, first served.



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That is a good deal for someone. Wish I wasn't strapped for cash and had too many projects going right now or I'd snatch this up fo sho. Somebody buy this so I can quit staring at it 😜