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I just got a new air filter today and the coupling was to big because it's for a bigger car but I used my old coupling and managed to shove it in there and I zipped tied it really tight and the other end went right on the carb. It looks really good and is on really tight. Is this bad for my car?
Ok sweet. Yea it's really tight. I oiled it today but I wasn't sure how much to do it, I just oiled the whole thing and rubbed it in. But I can't feel the oil on the inside, am I supposed 2?
richen the hsn a tad and you should be good to go.
Take the filter apart, put the foam in a baggie, then put 5-10 drops of air filter oil on the foam and work it through by working it inside the baggie. Putting it in a baggie keeps the mess off your hands, but you can still see what your doing.

When your done, you should be able to see the oil color on the inside hole in the foam. You don't want to over oil, just enough for even coverage.

This is what your filter should look like if you had blue oil:

And red oil:

Traxxas appears to oil the outer foam as well... I do the same usually, but it's purpose is to block the leaves/larger debris from getting to the inner foam.

Those are actually really white without oil.
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I have a grey filter foam and blue oil, the baggy thing is a great idea but my oil is so thick it really doesn't come out in drops.
Strange. What kind of oil is it? All the air filter oil I've used (traxxas, duratrax, AE, losi, PE1) is very watery and dries very sticky.

I use PE1 ATV air filter oil now. $6 for a 16 oz spray can. Had the same can for about... 6 years. lol! That's after filling up a 1 oz bottle for a buddy of mine so he would have some.
I'm not sure I can check when I get home I got it from my lhs. It's blue and I have to squeez the little bottle hard just to get any to come out. When it comes out it's pretty thick and super sticky. Can I use marvens mystery oil? I think that's what it's called. It comes in a red bottle
Marvel Mystery Oil (MMO on the forums usually) isn't really tacky when it dries like air filter oil. You need a tacky oil so fine particles of dust stick to it or they will go through the filter and into your engine.
Ok I was just checking because on hpi's website under instructions it actually says to use that stuff it never even mentions using anything else. I'm might try to use what u are using because the stuff I got is not watery at all it's like it's old or something.
Sorry, it's not PE1, it's PJ1:

Been using it for quite some time without issues. Seems to do a nice job. The dirt/dust is always only on the surface of the foam and never really penetrates, even after a lot of neglect.

You could use MMO as it's better than nothing, but using a nice sticky oil is best for what we do. Like traxxas references to using WD-40 for after run oil inside the engine. Better than nothing, but not quite as good as real ARO.

When you first spray on the PE1, it seems like it's a liquid and won't be very good. But as soon as it cures/evaporates, it becomes a stringy sticky oil that is next to impossible to wash off your hands. Which is also why I recommend using the baggy trick. ;) You will still end up with some on your fingers from putting it on the truck, but not nearly as bad as if you used your bare hands to work it through the filter.

I use WD-40 to clean mine. I soak it with WD-40 then work it throughout the filter with my fingers. Let it sit a few minutes to break down the oil, then wring it out in the trash to get as much of the WD and dirt out of it, then I soak it with liquid dish soap, work it through, then rinse it really good in cool water. Wring it out in a paper towel, let it dry for a while. They look like new again when I'm done. Then I hit them with the filter oil and put them back on.
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Yea u make a good point. Thank you for the link!
The other RC filter oil I've bought was the same as the PJ1. I just didn't have any when I thought I did and I have a MX shop nearby with a LHS 50 miles away... figured I'd check there and see if they had any since ATV's and MX bikes use foam pre-filters (or some do).