PRO .15 Starting/Running Issues

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So I got this rustler with the Pro .15 engine... Not quite familiar with it since I'm kinda new to the hobby (and I'm usually running the TRX 2.5)
So yeah. It takes FOREVER to actually make it sound like it wants to start.. and when it starts, it runs full throttle till I pinch the fuel line. I have the HSN set at 4 FT out and the LSN set flush? is this the correct settings? I know its not electronics, cause the throttle looks closed when this happens.... Also the muffler/stinger will drip and then pour fuel out of it??????? Please help lol


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i got that part.... but fuel is still pouring out of the muffler... and it will only start if i pour fuel down the carb....

b.t.w. the lines are in the right spots meaning that they go to the right places (pressure line from muffler / pickup to carb etc )


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put a fuel filter on the line going to the muffler or it might be your piston is shot witch would also do it if it was cause fuel would constantly be going next to the spaces on the piston sleeve check that>>>.......

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Start it up and spray soapy water around the carb base and backing plate and where the head gasket is. I've never had an air leak so someone else may know a better way to check for one.


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the pro .15. its got good compression thats the part i dont understaand. its just spewing fuel out. the pressure line fills up? don't understand this!!!!! please help! my father needs a truck!


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pro .15

your high speed needle is to rich try 2 1/2 turns out. pooring out of exhaust cause if gets too much fuel.

could possibly have a crack inn your tank.


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My Nirto Rustler did the same thing after i put the OS.18tm in it I just went back and tuned it and its fine now....except the spur gear

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