OFNA MBX R2 set up

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Working on the OFNA buggy I set up the suspension.
I found out what OFNA I have it's a MBX R2. I searched for the manual and found it on line.
I go to check out the building set ups of the ride height, caster and camber, and the grub screws to see how out of whack I had it. Turns out I was only off on the front upper pillow balls 1/2mm.
Everything else was dead on.
Front and rear ride height set with grub screws was perfect down to the mm.
Caster set at 0 with the wheels just before untouching the table top and the rear I set to only 1*. Dead on to what the manual stated.
Toe, I can't really measure that, I mean I can but I'm sure I'm in the ball park.
Of course I did this simply by assuming.
Now that it's basically set to factory build, the fun part awaits... Dailing it in.

Being I run nitro boats, my last buggy was a good 10 years ago or so so I'm somewhat surprised I was able to set it up so precise to spec.

Blew my mind


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I threw two Kurt vices on a vertical mill one time. Swept the first one in, and it was dead straight to within .0002". Swept across the second vice and it was not only inline with the first vice by .0002", but within .0002" straight as well. A co-worker watched me do it and was running round the shop screaming holy sh!t. The boss had to come ask what the commotion was. I told him I was taking the rest of the day off... gonna go buy lottery tickets.